Reset Your Diet & Eat Clean With Deliveroo’s Lettuce Feast Till 15 Apr

Eating clean has never been easier, with the Lettuce Feast by Deliveroo. For six weeks, the Festival of Feasts will serenade you with a wide selection of cuisine, and Lettuce Feast will commence from 9 April – 15 April 2018. Find 1-for-1 offers, bundle deals, and more when you get anything veggie from Deliveroo.

Of course, your options aren’t just limited to just salads. There will be rice bowls, Italian antipasti and more, which will spoil you silly as you watch your waistline.

Soup Spoon Lettuce Feast
Credit: Deliveroo

Get a portion of carbs together with your greens when you try the Korean Style Bulgogi with Soba ($11.90), and Teriyaki Chicken Soba ($10.90) from the Soup Spoon. It’s double the happiness with their 1-for-1 deal, which will make the most of your money.

Ninja Cut Ushi Regular Bowl
Credit: Deliveroo

If you’re planning to dine with a friend, you won’t want to miss the bundle meal from Ninja’s Cut. Enjoy two regular sized rice bowls at $26.80, and get two Fresh Fruit Infused Teas free.

Sabio Deliveroo Lettuce Feast
Credit: Deliveroo

Got a sweet tooth? Enjoy your salads from Sabio By the Sea with a side of Churros at the price of $18. Choose from three tantalising salads, including the Ensalada Vegetariana, Chorizo Al Vino Ensalada, and Ensalada de Espinacas.

Credit: Deliveroo

If you’re looking for something to boost your energy levels after an intense gym session, try the Power Protein Salad from Urban Mix at $22. Packed with grilled vegetables, chicken breast, and nutritious chickpeas, you’ll definitely get a health boost from this salad.QQ

Quote “SETHLUINEW” To Get $3 Off Your Order.

There’s even more good news! For those who are new to Deliveroo, quote “SETHLUINEW” to get $3 off your order. Those who have used this service before, fret not. You can also quote “SETHLUIAPR” to get $2 off your bill.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably have forgotten all about the New Year’s Resolution to eat clean. So, take Deliveroo’s Festival of Feasts as the perfect opportunity to kickstart your healthy eating again.

Dates & Times: 9 April 2018 – 15 April 2018, all day

Price: From $12 onwards

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