Dessert Project: Cafe Built Like A Man Cave Sells Cute & Adorable Donut Bombs

dessert project

I’ve got an insatiable sweet tooth and I simply couldn’t pass on visiting Dessert Project when I heard of their new dessert creation.

Situated within a neighbourhood at Havelock Road, the humble joint stands out from the other shops with its monochromatic and industrial exterior.

With no apparent signboard, you’ll probably have to look out for the black and white stripes from afar. I was certain it was the place I was looking for though — my sixth sense for desserts and all things sweet is definitely on point!

dessert project

Exuding the same industrial look and feel as the shopfront, the interior was modern, and resembled a typical man cave — cemented floors, walls and counter tops, mixed in with wooden accents and warm lights.

I met Gary, one of the two owners of Dessert Project, whose vibrant personality definitely translated into the choice (and colours) of ice cream flavours served.

dessert project

Dessert Project always has 18 artisanal Classic ($3.80) and Premium ($4.50) flavours available, but the choice of flavours are subject to change.

My attention was drawn to the White Truffle when I was asked to choose one. It is essentially truffle-infused vanilla ice cream, which I found wonderfully pungent and creamy.

Sadly, I was told that the taste would be too overwhelming to be paired with the dessert I came for, but I appreciated the advice nonetheless.

dessert project

Introducing the Donut Bomb ($1.50 – donut + $3.80 – classic / $4.50 – premium). Aren’t these the cutest desserts you’ve set your eyes upon thus far this 2017?

dessert project

The mini donuts are made in-house in batches and then frozen, warmed up only upon ordering. The idea of combining warm donuts and a scoop of ice cream made me think of the more commonly known warm brownie and ice cream combo. Mmm..

I loved the combination, and thought that it would have been perfect if the ice cream was sandwiched between two donuts! Yums! You can do that by simply buying one more donut.

Other items worth the mention

dessert project

Nutella Toast ($14.90)

If the donuts aren’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, order the Nutella Toast! Great for sharing between two, the three-inch Shibuya toast is crisp on the outside, lending a crunch to each bite.

dessert project

Sliced into cubes, you can easily pull them apart and find each piece covered in sufficient butter and drenched in a generous amount of chocolate sauce, ground peanuts, ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream — a hearty dessert for any Nutella lover.

dessert project

Waffles ($5.90) + Ice Cream ($3.80 – classic / $4.50 – premium)

If you’re there with a group of friends, I’d suggest going for the Waffles too. The home-made batter reminded me of having a Hong Kong egglette: Crispy with a shade of golden brown on the outside, soft and moist within, and with a strong eggy taste to boot.

dessert project

I had mine with a scoop of Yam and Chendol ice cream, two very local flavours to savour with the waffles.

The chendol tasted very much like the dessert, with bits of the signature green jelly peeking out. However, it was outshone by the yam ice cream, which had a more intense flavour profile. If you’ve missed the good ol’ Swensens yam ice cream, you can get a similar fix here.

dessert project

If you’re looking to curb your dessert cravings, you can trust Dessert Project to sort you out. While you’re at it, order from the unique selection of teas and robust coffees to complement your desserts.

While the ice creams here aren’t made in-house, all the recipes are crafted and concocted by Gary and his partner, mostly inspired by tastes or drinks that they’ve chanced upon while on their eating escapades.

Psst, grab a table by the window for a perfect, idyllic afternoon where you can have a scoop of ice cream, a cuppa, and while away in deep thought. The laid-back vibe is definitely worth a second visit.

Expected damage: $3.80 – $14.90

Dessert Project: 22 Havelock Rd, #01-673, Singapore 160022 | Opening Hours: (Sun to Thurs) 12pm – 9:30pm, (Fri to Sat) 12pm – 11pm | Tel: 8113 5385 | Facebook