Dine-in group sizes will reduce to 2-pax from 27 Sept to 24 Oct & other updates

There was a sliver of hope that we could brave the rising numbers of daily infections and with it, the worry that Singapore’s hospitals will be unable to handle the worrying number of patients admitted for COVID-19 infections. But here are, folks, taking one step back to only allowing 2-pax dine-in for both indoor and outdoor (i.e. hawkers, coffeeshops) dining. For indoor dine-in, such as cafes and restaurants, the rule remains where both diners have to be fully vaccinated. You will also only be allowed two unique visitors per day during this restrictive period.

This updated measure will take place from 27 September to 24 October 2021.

Screenshot of vaccination status

Trade and Industry Minister Gan Kim Yong made a statement on Friday, 24 September 2021, that this move is necessary to prevent the spike in infections from overwhelming the healthcare system and buy time to scale up home recovery and home care services. “I know that many Singaporeans and businesses will be disappointed by today’s announcement. I want to assure you that Singapore remains committed to reopening,” said Mr Gan.

In addition to dining in measures being updated, work-from-home will once again be the default and home-based learning (HBL) for all primary and Special Education (SPED) schools will apply once again. The HBL period will be from 27 September to 7 October 2021. Private education institutions (PEIs) must also follow a HBL system for all students 12 years and below from 27 September to 10 October 2021, while pre-schools in PEIs may remain open. Elsewhere, tuitions and enrichment classes for students below 12 years and below will have to be conducted online or be suspended.

Woman working out with mask

If you’re wondering about that fitness class of yours, indoor mask-off and high-intensity activities/classes are to capped at 30 pax, in groups of two for all vaccinated persons. Indoor mask-on and all outdoor activities/classes are to be capped at 50 pax, in groups of two, regardless of vaccination status.

It’s another round of battling the restrictions of the pandemic and struggling to find the balance between a semblance of normality and keeping you and your family safe, but if we all do our part, I’m sure we can get through this once again. Stay safe, everyone.

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