10 Unique Japanese Snacks & Drinks At Don Don Donki’s 2nd SG Outlet At 100 AM Mall

After a stroll through Don Don Donki at Orchard Central, I always find myself humming to the addictive theme song of the famous Japanese store, perpetually annoying my friends who beg for me to stop.

Well, there’s no stopping my groove as the second outlet of Don Don Donki at 100 AM mall also plays the familiar tune.

Don Don Donki 100am 1.1

Opened in early June 2018, the second store spans two stories in the mall, housing a unique and wide variety of groceries and knick-knacks as well as beauty and wellness products.

But of course, I automatically headed straight for the grub. Here are 10 unique snacks and drinks to try when you’re at Don Don Donki 100 AM.

1. Rainbow Potato Chips

Don Don Donki 100am 18

I know the rainbow trend is pretty much outdated, but when I saw a rack stacked with bags of colourful chips, I couldn’t help myself. Turns out, the Rainbow Potato Chips (S$2.50) vary in flavours, not in colours (boo).

Don Don Donki 100am 17

Still, it’s something quite different, no? The seven flavours range from kelp to bonito, shiitake mushrooms, shrimp, clams, oysters, and scallops. The chips were crispy and salty with a generic seafood-like taste.

At first, I could somewhat tell which flavour was which, but after a while… not so much. Might be a good for drinking games though!

2. Kakitane Cafe

Don Don Donki 100am 21

Speaking of drinking, Kaki no tane is a chilli-shaped cracker that’s enjoyed with beer in Japan, serving as the perfect spicy snack for drinking.

But for a sweeter take, the Kakitane Cafe (S$2.90) version is coated in chocolate, with flavours like milk, strawberry or coffee.

Don Don Donki 100am 22

Because milk and strawberry chocolate-covered snacks are common in my book, I tried the coffee-flavoured kaki no tane. I expected a hint of spiciness, but all I could taste were the creamy coffee notes along with the crunchy texture of the cracker.

While there wasn’t anything super special in the end about this simple snack, I couldn’t stop going back for more because it was quite addictive.

3. Sake Kit Kat

Don Don Donki 100am 13.1

We all know our beloved Kit Kats come in different flavours. But in Singapore, we seldom encounter the level of variety that is readily available on shelves in Japan.

At this Don Don Donki however, I found a Sake Kit Kat (S$11.90) version in a bold red box with gold letterings that made the snack look quite fancy.

Don Don Donki 100am 14

As soon as I opened the box, the sweet scent of sake filled my nostrils — even before I could get started on opening the individual packets.

I could taste the creamy white chocolate infused with the alcohol as I chomped into the crispy wafer bars. I’d still go for the original Kit Kat any day, but this is worth a shot!

4. Smoothie Berry Soy

Don Don Donki 100am 19

To satisfy my thirst after the snacks, I got myself a pretty-looking Smoothie Berry Soy (S$3.20). The smoothie comes in small paper cartons and contains no sugar, stevia, preservatives nor artificial colouring, making it a healthier choice of beverage.

Don Don Donki 100am 20

With ingredients such as *deep breath* carrots, cabbage, eggplant, asparagus, celery, Chinese cabbage, daikon, kale, lettuce, spinach, beetroot, pumpkin, apple, lemon, blueberry and cranberry blended with soy milk, the smoothie is definitely packed with loads of vitamins.

The consistency was smooth and silky, and surprisingly not overly sweet. I’m a fan!

5. Weider Jelly Energy Drink

Don Don Donki 100am 10

Despite all the vitamins in the smoothie, I still felt like I needed a more energising drink. The Weider Jelly Energy Drink (S$2.90) (or “Widain Jerry Energyhaha) caught my attention with its bright yellow sign that promised energy replenishment within 10 seconds.

Of course, I had to put it to the test.

Don Don Donki 100am 9

I tried the flavour Muscat, and the jelly drink had a watery yet jelly-like texture with a natural fragrance of grapes.

As I gulped down the drink, I silently counted the seconds to see whether it truly energised me, right there and then. I couldn’t really tell whether it did, but at least the drink was refreshing.

6. Takosen

Don Don Donki 100am 4

Don Don Donki 100am 5

To get a heartier food fix, I then headed up to the groceries section and vendors selling gelato and takoyaki.

I’m a sucker for takoyaki balls, so I didn’t mind waiting patiently as I watched the balls being shifted around with chunks of octopus inside, turning perfectly golden-brown.

Don Don Donki 100am 6

Unlike regular takoyaki balls, the Takosen (S$2.90) sold here is a sort of sandwich of takoyaki balls between thin Japanese crackers.

The agedama, which are crunchy pieces of deep-fried flour batter, gave the overall snack a fun texture while the balls were soaked in a sweet mayo and savoury sauce. This delicious combo is best enjoyed when hot, with a packet of tissues at the ready because it’ll get messy.

7. Don Don Donki Sweet Potato

Don Don Donki 100am 24

If I had to describe the Japanese store in one word, it would be sweet potato. Why? Because the heavenly fragrance of the root vegetable is basically all you can smell in Don Don Donki, enticing crowds to queue up and have a taste.

Don Don Donki 100am 23.1

I’ve always had to turn back due to the disappointing ‘sold out’ sign, but this time I was lucky enough to get the first batch of piping hot sweet potatoes.

After a bite into the Sweet Potato (S$2.80), I let out a satisfied exclamation because it was one of the sweetest sweet potatoes I’ve ever had! It was quite hot in my mouth, but I couldn’t care less because it was absolutely delightful. No wonder people queue up.

8. Onigiri Set (Octopus)

Don Don Donki 100am 2

I decided to explore the groceries section to see if there was anything I could dapao. The space was packed with organised rows of fresh fruits and piles of vegetables and further into the store, there were packed slices of sashimi and food bentos for takeaway among various other choices.

Don Don Donki 100am 15

For working adults or busy folks out there, the Onigiri Set (S$5.30) consisting of an octopus-filled rice ball, a piece of grilled salmon, tamagoyaki and crispy karaage would be a convenient meal.

Don Don Donki 100am 16

The onigiri was somewhat bland, but there were three sizeable pieces of octopus embedded in the rice so it was really worth the money.

The fried chicken was also slightly soggy and the salmon was a tad dry, but the tamagoyaki was really fluffy and sweet. Overall, the set was mediocre, but the variety was a plus. Check out the other bento sets when you’re there!

9. Mitarashi Dango

Don Don Donki 100am 11

I’ve always been fond of mitarashi dango because it was one of my favourite childhood desserts. So when I spotted the skewers of glutinous rice balls by the mochi section, I added it to my basket in a heartbeat.

Don Don Donki 100am 12

Featuring four balls of dango on each skewerthe Mitarashi Dango (S$3.90) included three of such sets slathered in sweet soy sauce.

The combination of the dense glutinous rice balls and the sweet albeit salty, goopy sauce pulled the corners of my lips into a big foolish grin. If you don’t like food getting stuck in/to your teeth, be warned because the dango is very sticky.

10. Tarami PURE Series Peach Jelly

Don Don Donki 100am 7

Something about pretty, translucent packaging simply attracts me, which is why I decided to try the Tarami PURE Series Peach Jelly (S$3.90) to end my trip to Don Don Donki that day.

I could see huge slices of peach within the glass-like jelly which made it seem even more promising.

Don Don Donki 100am 8

Once I peeled away the plastic cover, I carefully scooped into the jelly and also got a slice of the fruit in one bite. The peach was soft, juicy and sweet which paired well with the light jelly.

To make it an even more refreshing experience, I’d chill the jelly in the fridge beforehand. Stock up on this snack and some of the others on this list when you visit the second outlet of Don Don Donki!

Don Don Donki 100AM

Level 2 & 3, 100 Tras Street, Singapore 079027

Don Don Donki 100AM

Level 2 & 3, 100 Tras Street, Singapore 079027

Telephone: +65 6444 2422
Operating Hours: 9am - 12am (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6444 2422

Operating Hours: 9am - 12am (Daily)
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