Double Scoops: Singapore Gelato Cafe Review

“Cool, localised treats that can delight many”

Double Scoops front sign shop

Nestled away in neighborhood Ang Mo Kio, going to Double Scoops for an artisan gelato tasting was rather timely if you consider the hot spell in Singapore these days. Other than bingsu and frozen yoghurt, sometimes the good ol’ ice cream is more than enough to make any kid, or adult, cool and happy in this heat.

Double Scoops scooping ice cream gelato

This cafe has introduced even some unique, localised flavours to customers, such as their Durian Sorbet and Salted Gula Melaka. The duo behind this concept were former engineering university graduates turned business people, who are now targeting the old and young living in the neighborhood area with their homemade gelato.

Double Scoops interior

For starters, the gelato cafe sports a clean, open design, with glass walls that allow natural sunlight to stream in. Inside is a cosy setting with wooden tables, metal chairs and a white brick wall. I quite like how they decorated the tables with makeshift vases of flowers.

Gelato single scoops are priced at $3.20, while premium flavours are an additional $0.50 more.

Double Scoops butterscotch pretzel sea salt gula melaka

We began with the Butterscotch Pretzel and the Sea Salt Gula Melaka. Both flavours are sweet, well balanced by the saltiness. I do prefer the Sea Salt Gula Melaka though, as it has a fuller taste, while the butterscotch pretzel tends to have bits of pretzel that are a tad softer (would be great if its crunchier).

Double Scoops chocolate d24 durian sorbet

The top selling flavour, Chocolate, is rich and sweet, with some bitterness. Fans of dark chocolate this is a must try. I like how it is decadent and chocolaty without being too jelat. Cocoa powder from Dutch, Holland is specially used to make this flavour.

Coming in a close second is the D24 Durian Sorbet. Despite not having any milk or cream, the taste is surprisingly full and much like other durian flavoured ice cream. This is a great healthier alternative if you want to have a taste of durian without the fat. I can see why this is popular with the customers.

Double Scoops after eight mint sicilia pistachio

Mint flavours are tricky, sometimes if it is not done right they taste like toothpaste. However, Double Scoops’ rendition, the After Eight (Mint), has grasped it well. Extra cool and minty ice cream, with bits of chocolate inside to give it a nice bite. The pieces of temper chocolate hardens on contact with the cool cream, thus producing chunky bits of cocoa with each bite.

My absolute favourite flavour was one that surprised me; The Sicilia Pistachio, has a fragrant nutty aroma that was not overpowering. I also like the crunchy bits of the nut inside. I have never been a fan of pistachio flavoured food, but this really changed my mind. So for others like myself, give it a try! Who knows, you might take to it too.

Double Scoops orh nee yam cone

For those who prefer munching on a cone, we paired ours off with the Orh Nee (Yam). While we like the natural yam flavour, we felt that it was alittle too starchy and heavy to our liking.

Double Scoops thai milk tea waffles

A must have with ice cream are waffles, so we had a Waffle with the Thai Milk Tea flavour ($6.80 with a single scoop). The waffles were a bit denser than usual, but still crispy on the outside, and moist and fluffy on the inside. Much experimentation was done to try to perfect the waffle batter.

The Thai Milk Tea was a flavour all three of us liked, having quite the strong taste of tea with the sweetness adjusted to Singaporean taste.

Double Scoops affogato vanilla gelato ice cream

Coffee drinkers can try their Affogato ($6.50), bitter, aromatic coffee with sweet Vanilla bean ice cream. We also had a hot Latte ($4.50), which had strong nutty notes, and was great for washing down all the gelato we had.

Double Scoops hot latte

The coffee is made with the PIF blend from Papa Palheta, which donates $2 with the sale of each bag of beans to the St. Andrew’s Autism Centre. A balanced, smooth coffee that goes well with milk.

Leveraging on localised and popular flavours like yam, durian, chocolate and more, Double Scoops does pull in people of different age groups, from secondary school students to aunties in the neighbourhood.

I think this gelato cafe is a good place to go for the unique and local tasting gelato, and is especially convenient for those living in the area. If I am ever in Ang Mo Kio, I would probably drop by to have their Pistachio and Thai Milk Tea flavours again.

Expected Damage: $3.50 – $8 per pax

Double Scoops: Block 226A Amk Avenue 1 #01-627 Singapore 561226 | Tel: 6452 0208 | Website