DP Creations: Top-Notch Creamy Chicken & Beef Pies at Circuit Rd

If I could choose one of the best and affordable pies I’ve ever had in Singapore, DP Creations will definitely be one of the top contenders on my list. DP Creations has been serving up creamy chicken pies and authentic Australian beef pies at Circuit Road since 2018, and is the brainchild of couple Chef Pell and Mr Daniel. 

It all started when Mr Daniel headed to Australia to obtain his degree 20 years ago. As a young undergraduate student on a tight budget, he decided to have minced beef pies every day for lunch because of how affordable it was. 

Dp Creations Singapore

When Mr Daniel expressed how much he missed the pies he had back in Australia, Chef Pell took to recreating the taste of the pies from Mr Daniel’s memories, which is pretty impressive if you ask me. Chef Pell came from a strong family background of bakers, which was where her passion for baking was ignited. 

I’ve seen DP Creations’ pies floating around on social media for a while, so I decided to finally give them a try because of how appetising they look. Needless to say, the pies blew my mind. 

I started out with the golden-brown, fragrant Chicken Pie (S$2.50). To me, a good pie means flavourful and creamy filling that comes hand in hand with a crisp chewy crust. I personally like pastries that fall apart easily and taste a little buttery.

Dp Creations Singapore 2

The pies were relatively small in size, comparable to an egg tart. I couldn’t help but take in the tempting aroma of the puff pastries as I lifted them out of their packaging. 

Sitting right in the middle of paper tart holders in a slightly imperfect circle, the chicken pie looked extremely appetising and smelt absolutely delicious. 

Dp Creations Singapore 3

Generously stuffed with carrots, peas, potatoes and chicken chunks, the chicken pie was full of flavour. I loved how it remained creamy inside, in contrast to its crispy crust. 

Personally, I was impressed at how DP Creations spared no expense when making each individual pie. For S$2.50, the chicken pie was really worth it because it was incredibly filling.

Dp Creations Singapore 4

Next up, I tasted DP Creations’ famous Australian Beef Pie (S$2.50). To tell the difference between their chicken and beef pies, the latter has a protruding little tip at the top of the pie. Once I broke open the pie, the rich and indulgent scent of cooked beef wafted through the air. 

Dp Creations Singapore 5

I noticed that there weren’t any vegetables in the beef pie, which makes it a wonderful option for picky eaters. Filled with well-seasoned minced beef, this was definitely one of the best pies I’ve ever had. 

DP Creations really hit the mark with their chicken and beef pies, which is perfect for meat lovers. I’ve never had something this affordable impress me as much as DP Creations’ pies did, so this was definitely a positive experience for me. 

Dp Creations Singapore 8

In case you need a larger portion to feed more people during Phase 2 of safe reopening, DP Creations offers a Family Chicken Pie (S$48) for special occasions. Think of it as a giant savoury birthday cake. 

Weighing a total of 1.8kg, this large pie is made for families and slightly larger gatherings, feeding up to 10 people.

Dp Creations Singapore 10

Personally, I think that this pie is more than enough for a family of five to have a good dinner, so don’t be afraid of ordering it! I especially liked the fact that it was overflowing with ingredients—DP Creations were not stingy at all. 

The Family Chicken Pie consists of the same ingredients as the chicken pie, with added eggs to maintain its creamy texture. I’ve never had a pie like this in my life and I honestly think DP Creations did a stellar job coming up with these. 

Dp Creations Singapore 6

Apart from savoury pies, DP Creations also offer Egg Tarts (S$1.50) to satiate your dessert cravings. At first glance, I could already see the glaze on top of each egg tart, beckoning me to have a taste.

What I loved the most about these egg tarts is how they’re also generously portioned, and how they’re not overly sweet. The smooth and creamy filling was reminiscent of custard, and paired well with the buttery, crunchy crust. 

Dp Creations Singapore 7

After trying what DP Creations has to offer, I can safely say that they have won a place in my heart as one of the best pie places in Singapore. There wasn’t anything I disliked about any of their dishes, and I applaud the effort and time taken in creating these yummy treats. 

The pastry crust of their pies are thicker than the flaky crust of other pie places I’ve tried, and I found that this thicker crust is to my preference.

If you’re ordering these savoury treats online, do note that there are slight mark-ups of S$0.30 on the prices of each individual pie (excluding the Family Chicken Pie) and tart, and islandwide delivery costs S$10

DP Creations also offer sets of 12 Frozen Chicken And Beef Pies at S$38 for you to keep in your fridge and heat up on a rainy day. 

If you’re feeling lazy to leave your home, head down to their Facebook page for updates and information on how to order your pies and get it delivered right to your doorstep. Happy feasting! 

Expected Damage: S$2.50 – S$48 per pax 

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

DP Creations

79 Circuit Road, #01-25, Circuit Road Hawker Centre, Singapore, Singapore 371079

Our Rating 4/5

DP Creations

79 Circuit Road, #01-25, Circuit Road Hawker Centre, Singapore, Singapore 371079

Telephone: +65 9681 1338
Operating Hours: 3pm - 8pm (Thu to Mon), Closed on Tue & Wed
Telephone: +65 9681 1338

Operating Hours: 3pm - 8pm (Thu to Mon), Closed on Tue & Wed