A Dream Date Night To Remember at The Grand Shanghai

Last Updated: November 11, 2015

Written by Seth Lui

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On 16 October 2015, Millennium Hotels and Resorts (MHR) partnered with one of Singapore’s pioneer arts and entertainment company, Dream Academy on an extravagant arts celebration. Dream Academy which was founded by multi-talented performer, writer, producer and director Selena Tan, also celebrated its 15th birthday at the same.

MHR’s chefs, like the Dim Sum Dollies are veterans in their field – the culinary arts. MHR’s celebrity chefs including Chef Lap Fai of Orchard Hotel’s Hua Ting Restaurant, Chef Ho Tien Tsai of Copthorne King’s Tien Court Restaurant, and Chef Tang Yuen Hua of Grand Shanghai at Grand Copthorne Waterfront have come together to showcase their culinary prowess with a customised 8-course gourmet menu complete with wine-pairing of each Chef’s signature dish. MHR Executive Pastry Chef Nicolas Maugard also served up a decadent chocolate birthday cake in celebration of the occasion.

Guests at the red-themed event, Dream Date @ The Grand Shanghai, were treated to a delicious eight-course menu designed by MHR’s chefs, and got up-close and personal with local renowned theatre stars such as Dim Sum Dollies, Broadway Beng, and Happy Ever Laughter. It was a grand evening filled with gourmet food, song, dance and comedy.

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This collaboration has positive creative synergies, as Mr Bhupesh Yadav, Chief Business & Administration Officer for Millennium Hotels and Resorts states:

“Culinary arts and performing arts are both creative art forms that go hand in hand. By partnering Dream Academy, we encourage our employees to challenge themselves beyond their familiar creative sphere.”

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The spotlight venue where all the grandeur took place was at Grand Shanghai, which received a blessing of auspicious red in its interiors to laud this momentous occasion. With a seating capacity of 250 pax and an elevated stage for acts, the entire theme was spot on.

dream date millenium-3071 dream date millenium-3058 dream date millenium-3095 dream date millenium-3080

Dream Date @ The Grand Shanghai brings together some of Singapore’s most well-loved entertainers, long-time supporters of Dream Academy as well as employees and partners of MHR, to celebrate what Dream Academy has achieved over the past 15 years.

Close up interactions with the Dim Sum Dollies (Pam Oei, Denise Tan, and Selena Tan), Broadway Beng (Sebastian Tan), Dr.Teo Chew Moi (Judee Tan), Robin Goh, George Chan, Rishi Budhrani and SitiKhalijah were all part of the entertainment for the night while guest savoured a meticulously prepared meal by the chefs of Millennium Hotels and Resorts.

Rishi Budrhani’sstandup comedic act was especially humourous, with his use of local anecdotes and slang that local Singaporeans can relate to. Judging from the audience’s applause, I guess I wasn’t the only one tickled by his wit.

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Like the Dim Sum Dollies who are veterans in their artistic field, Millennium Hotels and Resorts’ chefs are seasoned masters in the culinary arts as well.

MHR’s chef lineup includes Chef Lap Fai of Orchard Hotel’s Hua Ting Restaurant, Chef Ho Tien Tsai of Copthorne King’s Tien Court Restaurant, and Chef ang Yuen Hua of Grand Shanghai at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel; all 3 head chefs have come together to collaborate and cater an 8-course gourmet fine-dining service complete with wine-pairing for each dish.

Finally, a decadent chocolate birthday cake by MHR Executive Pastry Chef Nicolas Maugard will end the evening on a sweet note.

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Baked Cod Fillet with Spring Onions.

dream date millenium-3078

Braised Sea Cucmber in Crab Roe Sauce.

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Duck Confit with Salt and Pepper.

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Braised Whole Abalone in Supreme Sauce.

Chinese banquet fine-dining at it’s best, guests got to feast on many of MHR restaurants’ signature dishes using premium ingredients that are especially challenging to produce for such a large crowd.

My favorites included the baked cod fillet and duck confit which shows an inclusion of western culinary ideas together with traditional Chinese dishes. On this night, the chefs of MHR displayed a united culinary prowess that surely impressed the majority of guests in the house.

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A night not to be forgotten, Dream Date @ The Grand Shanghai successfully brought out the creative sides of both the arts and gastronomy in a marriage of class acts and great cuisine.

Watch out for future new theater productions from Dream Academy as well as more collaborations with Millennium Hotels and Resorts down the road!


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