Rejoice! Dunkin’ Donuts Singapore is back

Well, that was a long 5 days! Dunkin’ Donuts shocked Singaporeans last Tuesday by announcing a temporary closure. Because the company did not confirm a specific return date, many of us were assuming the worst.

dunkin' donuts poster

Fortunately, the ‘temporary’ was indeed temporary, restoring my faith in corporate messaging. The world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain threw open its doors and cash registers this morning (28 Feb).

A post on this Facebook page announced the welcome news at 11 a.m. They did add that they “seek (customers’) patience in the coming days as (they) get back on (their) feet.”

The exact reason for the brief closure remains a mystery, with news articles citing “operational issues” but no direct comment from Dunkin’ Donuts. Most assumed that it had something to do with Covid; Facebook users speculated that there must have been a cluster in the central kitchen.

dunkin' donuts announcement

With things back to normal so quickly, we are none the wiser. But very much the happier. I’m going to have a feast of the circular wonders to celebrate. How about you?

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