Grab A Slice Of The New Durian Cheese Pizza Now Available At Pizza Hut Malaysia

Is the durian season ever over? Guess not, because Pizza Hut Malaysia just launched their new Durian Cheese Pizza.

Pizza Hut Malaysia Durian Cheese Pizza Online 4

Durian lovers will be glad to know that there is actual durian pulp in the pizza.

Pizza Hut Malaysia Durian Cheese Pizza Online 2

It’s a pity that the Durian Cheese Pizza is only available in Malaysia. But since Singaporeans are always taking a trip to Johor Bahru or Kuala Lumpar, it doesn’t seem that difficult to get your hands on some cheesy durian goodness.

The Durian Cheese Pizza is available for delivery, dine-in and takeaway.

Pizza Hut Malaysia Durian Cheese Pizza Online 1

If you’re dining in, you can order it a la carte at RM44.50 (S$14.75).

If you order any regular pizza, pasta or Roasted Ayam Berempah combo meal, you can even upgrade your main to a Durian Cheese Pizza when you add RM12 (S$3.98).

Do take note though, that the upgrade is not valid for the Pizza For One and Pasta For One combos, and that only one pizza upgrade is allowed for every combo purchased.

Pizza Hut Malaysia Durian Cheese Pizza Online 3

To find out what deals are available for the Durian Cheese Pizza, hop over to their website for more.

Perhaps it’s time to take a vacation to Malaysia for some Durian Cheese Pizza at Pizza Hut?

Dates & Times: Now available for a limited time only | Available online and at all Pizza Hut Malaysia outlets 

Prices: RM44.50 (S$14.75) – RM56.50 (S$18.73) per pizza