Durian Soda Available At All DAISO Outlets In SG — Satisfy Your Cravings Without The Smell

You all must have seen the quirky drinks like clear watermelon or honeydew soda that DAISO offers right? Well, prepare your taste buds, because this Durian Soda (S$2) is the quirkiest one yet.

Durian Soda 1

If you’ve walked past the fridges in DAISO, you’ve probably seen this quirky selection of sodas. Being the adventurous guy that I am, I decided to try the Durian Soda.

Durian Soda 3

Open the cap and you’ll hear the hiss of gas escaping, followed by a pungent smell that did not really smell like durian at first. After a while, the familiar fragrance of durian wafted to my nose.

Upon taking a sip, a strong artificial durian flavour hits my taste buds. Together with the soda base, the drink was mostly sweet like ice cream soda with a very artificial durian taste.

Daiso Durian Soda 2

I did not enjoy the durian soda at all due to how artificial it tasted. This is definitely a novelty drink and not something you’ll drink on a regular basis.

Still, durian lovers should give this durian soda a shot. It’s only S$2 and you have nothing much to lose anyway. The best part: the drink doesn’t leave a durian aftertaste. Who knows, some of you may actually like it!

Dates & Times: Available now at all DAISO outlets (subject to stock availability)

Prices: S$2 per bottle