Sip On Various Gin Brands At Asia’s Biggest Gin & Tonic Party Along Maxwell Rd This 8 Dec

Whether you are a gin aficionado or a gin novice, East Imperial Gin Jubilee is the place for you. Get ready for a night of celebrating the humble but wildly versatile Gin & Tonic at Gin Lane on December 2018, along 30 Maxwell Road.

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East Imperial Gin Jubilee has been trotting all over Asia with over 50 participating bars, 15 Gin brands to create a new twist on the beloved G&T.

This ongoing competition culminates in Singapore with a delightful gin soiree. These bars would gather in one place where you can try every possible variation. That makes me gin from ear to ear.

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At East Imperial Gin Jubilee, going green is no longer a choice but a call. Guests who bring their own mugs will have a discounted entry of S$15. While standard tickets are going at S$20 and come with a reusable East Imperial Gin Jubilee tumbler and bamboo straw.

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Both options are great depending on what you want. Fun fact: This tumbler pays homage to East Imperial Gin Jubilee’s founder Kevin Law-Smith’s great grandfather’s own tumbler. A replica of the one he would have used in 1903 when he was in Singapore.

To take it a step further, Gin Lane’s resin cups and plant-based straws are fully compostable. This goes to show that having fun and sustainability are definitely not mutually exclusive.

The fun doesn’t stop there, tipplers can participate in a social media competition for the prettiest ‘mug shot’ with the hashtag #ToastTradition with the mug of their choice. Winners will each receive one bottle of gin and one case of East Imperial tonic, as well as two Gin Pahit G&Ts featuring East Imperial Straits Tonic syrup. Sounds ginntastic, no?

If you are still wondering whether to gin or not to gin? Well, I think the answer is pretty clear.

Date & Time: 8 December 2018, 5pm -11.30pm 

Prices: S$15 (Bring your own mug), S$20 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

East Imperial Gin Jubilee Gin Lane

30 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069114

Our Rating 4/5

East Imperial Gin Jubilee Gin Lane

30 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069114