Eco-friendly buy: Pebbly Multi color Magnetic Bamboo Tongs

90% of consumers say that they are concerned about the ecological impact of their purchases. This new weekly series highlights a sustainable product. Our first week’s highlight is the Pebbly Multi color Magnetic Bamboo Tongs from My Chill Kitchenette.

Eco friendly 1 - Pebbly tongs 2
Credit – Lazada

Eco friendly 1 - sustainable

It is one of the products that satisfies these criteria:

  • Made from recycled materials
  • Made from renewable resources
  • Is 100% biodegradable
  • Made using ethically-sourced labour

Made from natural bamboo, this sustainable kitchenware product is a vibrant, colourful addition to any home. It is manufactured in France and oozes European quality and design.

Eco friendly 1 - Pebbly tongs 3
Credit – Lazada

These bamboo tongs are described specifically as toast tongs. Their primary purpose is to remove toast from a hot oven. If you have burned your hand trying to slide out toast from the back of your oven before, these tongs are for you. At 24cm, they are large enough to reach the back of the largest ovens.

Why use bamboo for the Pebbly Multi color Magnetic Bamboo Tongs? There are 2 main reasons.

  • One of the properties of bamboo is high heat resistance, making it perfect for this role.
  • Bamboo also has anti-bacterial properties, ideal for any product that comes in contact with food.
Eco friendly 1 - Pebbly tongs
Credit – Lazada

Pebbly has magnetised the head of these tongs, too. That means you can simply attach them to your oven or fridge after you have finished using them. The flexible and resistant legs make this sustainable kitchen tool a reliable, long-term part of your kitchen.

Pebbly Multi color Magnetic Bamboo Tongs should be hand-washed.

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