elemen Classic: Re-Defining Vegetarian Food One Dish at a Time at Great World

When it comes to vegetarian food, long gone were the days where it was plagued by misconceptions of it being a dull and boring option. With the public becoming increasingly health-conscious, together with the widely advocated knowledge on how a vegetarian diet positively affects our planetary health, vegetarianism has been on the rise worldwide.

Even as a carnivore, I too, would once in a while allow my body to go on a detox and indulge in a week of good vegetarian meals. Salad bowls filled with leafy greens aside, I ventured upon elemen Classic while looking for a brand new vegetarian eatery that serves dishes beyond just vegetables and mock meat. 

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Established last year as one of the new restaurants in the revamped Great World, elemen Classic is, in fact, not an entirely new face in Singapore’s F&B scene. An arm under the group of elemen restaurants introduced by the Koufu Group back in 2015, elemen Classic represents an upscale version of its counterpart, serving diners dishes beyond the likes of elemen.

It’s a dining concept focused on modern interpretations of natural and meatless cuisine, elemen Classic explores into the culinary realms of the East and West, constantly breathing new life into vegetarian dishes with their unique interpretations. 

Currently available for takeaway and delivery via Oddle (minimum order of S$35, S$8 delivery fee) and Chope On Delivery (minimum order of S$50, S$8 delivery fee), I decided to explore a variety of elemen Classic’s signature dishes together with their newly launched dumplings which were specially curated for the coming Dragon Boat Festival.

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Delivered just in time for lunch, my stomach rumbled as the aromatic scent of the dishes wafted into my unit when I received it at the doorstep. Immediately after a hurried photoshoot, I was ready to devour whatever I had in front of me. Stir-fried to perfection, the Stir-Fried Brown Rice With Beancurd Preserved (S$16.80) featured fluffy brown rice mixed with fermented beancurd studded with king oyster mushroom and asparagus.

The nuttiness and firm texture of the brown rice paired perfectly with the Asian flavours of the mildly piquant fermented beancurd. Distinctly separated, each grain of brown rice possessed a nice smokiness which enhanced the overall fragrance of the dish. The inclusion of mushrooms and asparagus to the fried rice mix also provided an additional textural profile that made each mouthful a delight.

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If a bowl of brown rice is seemly “too healthy” for your liking, then you will have to try the eatery’s Spicy Oyster Mushroom Omelette Pasta (S$12.80). Elemen Classic’s rendition of a spicy aglio olio, this pasta was coated generously with fiery red chilli oil tossed with chunks of omelette and stir-fried oyster mushrooms.

To the naked eye, this dish might just seem numbingly hot and racy. However, you will be surprised by its taste the moment you take your first bite. In between the heat was a subtle sweetness and rich eggy flavours of the omelette that made the dish spicily addictive.

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An item on elemen Classic’s menu that caters to the likes of diners young and old, the Wild Mushroom & White Truffle Pizza (S$17.80) was my favourite and a definite must-try for all you truffle lovers out there. Featuring a thin-crusted cream-based pizza topped with a rich blend of juicy portobello and shiitake mushrooms, although the portion of this pizza was large enough to share, it was so light to eat that I easily finished half unknowingly. 

The fresh rocket leaves and richly flavoured white truffle oil paired immaculately with the earthiness of the mushrooms, resulting in a pizza so flavourful that I would willingly forgo other meat-based pizzas for, any time.

Elemen Classic 6

To the Chinese, the celebration of Dragon Boat Festival represents a time to bond with loved ones and spend quality moments together. Since visiting has been limited during this period, why not show your care by sending elemen Classic’s Premium Dumpling Gift Set (S$19.80) to your friends and family?

From now till 25 June 2020, indulge in four different types of meatless rice dumplings made using the freshest and all-natural ingredients. Packed with delicious meatless protein, the Premium Dumpling Gift Set consists of a Black Truffle Porcini Dumpling, a Monkey Head Mushroom Dumpling, a Braised Mushroom Rice Dumpling and a Spicy Dried Shrimps Rice Dumpling, making it an ideal gift option.

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Of the four flavours, both the Monkey Head Mushroom Dumpling and the Spicy Dried Shrimps Rice Dumpling won over my heart almost instantly. The monkey head mushrooms in the Monkey Head Mushroom Dumpling had a meaty taste and texture that for a moment it made me think there was chicken in there. The addition of salted egg and black beans further enhanced the umami taste of the dumpling resulting in a hearty flavour that was hard to resist.

As a lover of hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimps), I was naturally drawn to the spiciness and savoury taste of the Spicy Dried Shrimps Rice Dumpling. The vegan “anchovies” used in this dumpling replicated the exact taste and texture of the real deal itself, making it hard to believe that no shrimps were harmed in the process of preparing this delectable dish.

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If you are planning to order something healthier for lunch or dinner, I would highly recommend you to give elemen Classic a try. In my opinion, the brand successfully redefined the flavours of vegetarian food with their play on different ingredients and textures. Even without the use of any meat in their dishes, my meal was still satisfying and nothing short of amazing. 

Expected Damage: S$13 – S$20 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

elemen Classic

1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World, #01-122, Singapore 237994

Our Rating 4/5

elemen Classic

1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World, #01-122, Singapore 237994

Telephone: +65 6235 6613
Operating Hours: 12pm - 8.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6235 6613

Operating Hours: 12pm - 8.30pm (Daily)
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