Emperor Pot 皇帝锅: Three-Tier Steamboat at Jalan Besar Fit for Bacon Lovers


Emperor Pot is a humble steamboat store located at Broadway Food Centre around the Jalan Besar area. Pocket-friendly, it is the perfect place to bring your friends and family to for any occasion. Moreover, it opens until 3AM. If you’re not that into zhi char, this is a great substitute!

So what makes Emperor Pot so special? Steamboat is huge in Singapore. Traditionally local or not, steamboats and hot pots have a special place in the hearts of local Singaporeans.

Oh and this little establishment is started by a group of young entrepreneurs who have just finished National Service. It’s all Singaporean here.


Let’s start off with the sauces. Most steamboats have only have two to three options at most but here at Emperor Pot, you have nine different sauces to choose from and two choices of dried sauces like dried chilli. The Signature Chilli Sauce is one of the best chilli sauces you could possibly taste in the lion city. Slightly citrusy but not too acidic or spicy, it goes perfectly with any meat.


The main attraction, however, is the fact that it is a three-tier steamboat! You could boil, steam or grill your meats. This truly combines all kinds of steamboats in Singapore. From Thai Mookata and the Chinese ma la hot pot to Singapore’s local soup steam boat, you have all in one. Bang for the buck? Absolutely.


Soup Bases (Chicken, Tomato, Laksa and Mala) $5.90

To start off, choose your soup base(s). There are four kinds of soup bases available for your steam boat experience. Chicken, tomato, laksa and mala spicy soup. We really liked the tomato and laksa one. The tomato soup base is slightly sweet and tastes really light. The Laksa one had a strong coconut curry taste which is perfect for anyone who loves curry laksa.

After boiling quite a while, the sauce gets really dense though, which may or may not appeal to you.


For the chilli padi person, the mala will not disappoint. Also look at how yummy the bubbling soup looks? Mmmm… Perfect for a rainy day. Also, there are free soup refills.

After that, choose your prince pot or desired set meal. The prince pots are individual pots of steamboat. Get the Seafood Set ($5.90) or Meat Set ($5.90) with a choice of chicken, pork, beef or mutton. The set meals are a lot bigger and ordered for a minimum of two people. We’re going to focus on the latter.


The Meat Set ($29.90) for 2-3 Pax consists of pork collar shabu shabu, pork belly, chicken slices, strip bacon, meatballs and chicken mid wings. You have to order it if you love bacon. BACON.


Best grilled, the meats are really fresh. Additionally, bacon slices are fatty and chicken slices were well marinated. Both were a joy to devour.


You just need to add a little butter and left over bacon oil to cook them to perfection; no other condiments needed.


You could eat the grilled meat with rice ($0.50), noodles ($1) or vermicelli ($1). The rice had the right amount of stickyness and was pretty fluffy!


The Seafood Set $29.90 is also worth trying. With slipper lobsters, fishball, squid, half shell scallop, fishball with roe, crabstick, batang fish slice…


… bamboo clams


… and prawns, you have a variety of seafood to choose from. The scallops and prawns were exceptional. You could also taste how sweet everything was – freshness overload! The seafood, from our own experience, is best cooked using the steamer.


If you can’t decide what to get, go for the Mixed Combo Set ($49.90 for 3-4 pax) which comes with a basket of assorted vegetables. I mean who doesn’t love tau pok?


The vegetables are best boiled. We really liked the tomato soup base because it added enough flavour to the vegetables which are naturally bland. That way, the taste wasn’t too strong that you couldn’t taste the vegetables.


If you’re not a big fan of vegetables, dump them into the laksa soup base. It won’t even taste like vegetables after that!


If you’re still hungry, you could always choose from their a la carte menu. The Handmade Siew Mais (4 for $5) are worth forcing down your stomach if you’re already full. The pork is juicy, the skin is soft and the prawns are marvelous, especially when you’ve steamed it to perfection.

You can find most things in the set meals on the a la carte menu too.


Hang on in there, there are other things to note about. Firstly, Emperor Pot does delivery with a minimum order of $100 or two prince pots. The delivery service is free and they’ll even come with their well-known pot. The stall is also mended by a group of young teenagers after national service!


Overall, no matter how hot Singapore gets, this is a steamboat worth braving the heat and sweating your pores out for. If you’re lucky, the rain will have your back.

The meat and seafood is fresh, you can cook it any way you want it and it’s all pretty worth your money. Worth bringing your family and friends to, especially if you’re in the area.

Expected Damage: $15 – $25 per pax

Emperor Pot 皇帝锅: 100 Tyrwitt Road, Jalan Besar Stadium (Broadway Food Centre), Singapore 207542 | Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 12.30pm – 3am | Website 

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