Enaq the Prata Shop: Jurong prata the crispiest I’ve ever had

I have never been the type to go out of my way to look for a good prata spot. But after trying Enaq the Prata Shop, my eyes have been opened.

Enaq - Store Front

This not-so-hidden gem in Jurong East is located under a block of HDB flats in the middle of nowhere. They are known for their thiccc (yes, with three ‘c’s), crisp prata and sambal chilli.

What I tried at Enaq the Prata Shop

Enaq - Plain Prata still shot

Having heard many things about Enaq’s plain prata, I went ahead and ordered two pieces of them. At just S$1.40 per piece with a minimum order of two, I was pleasantly surprised by the size of each piece. I was eager to dig into the prata which was on the thicker side and carried a heavenly buttery scent. The plain prata also came with a generous portion of fish curry and sambal ikan bilis chilli, which intrigued me.

For our noodle lovers, Enaq also sells Maggie Goreng with egg at S$4.50 and even Biryani and Rice Set meals for the rice lovers.

Instead of everyone’s favourite Teh Tarik (S$1.70), I opted for Milo (S$2.10) to accompany my meal. I’m happy to report that their Milo is extremely gao and refreshing, so if you want to order it, too, no shame.

Enaq - Plain Prata pull shot

Enjoying the prata first sans curry, I immediately noticed how sweet, buttery and flaky Enaq’s prata was. My dining companion and I both agreed it strangely reminded us of butterfly buns. 

You know something is good when you’re at a loss for words in your native tongue. This was the case with Enaq’s plain prata and nothing but “kari kari” came to mind. Japanese onomatopoeia for the textural and auditory experience of a satisfyingly crispy or crunchy food: if anything embodied kari kari, this was it.

Personally, the especially flaky edges also brought to mind the kuih loyang (or achappam) I had previously inhaled when I had gone on my CNY visits this year. I truly enjoyed this plain prata to the very last bite.

Images fail to convey just how crisp the exterior of the prata was, and how the insides remained  fluffy and slightly chewy. I had few complaints, if any at all prata-wise — it was delightfully light and airy with just a smidge of greasiness as it cooled down.

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Enaq - Fish Curry

On to the supporting cast. The fish curry was aromatic, thick and flavourful. It was definitely on the mild side and not very spicy, but went well with their sweeter prata. As a spice lover, I would have definitely preferred a spicier curry but all is well as Enaq’s chilli somewhat makes up for that.

Enaq - Sambal

Their sambal chilli has whole ikan billis in it (sadly I was unable to catch a good photo) and was tangy, sweet and spicy. It went very well with the sweeter batter and cut through the oiliness of the prata, making it less jelak. If the fish curry was a tad spicier, it would have really levelled up the entire experience.

Enaq - Mutton Murtabak

Typically, my go-to order at any prata place would be their Mutton Murtabak (S$9), so I did the same here as well. Like the plain prata, the portion was very generous, and instead of fish curry the dish came with two servings of chicken curry.

The prata skin of the Mutton Murtabak was noticeably thinner than the plain prata and I was curious to see how the same dough fared under all the ingredients. Criminal, I know. But we must do what must be done.

Enaq - Mutton Murtabak (insides)

When I peeled back the upper layer of prata skin, this is what I saw. Behold. The ingredients of Enaq’s Mutton Murtabak in its full glory.

Unfortunately, in great contrast to how it looked, it was a far cry from the plain prata. Perhaps, the heaviness of the fillings and the additional oil weighed down the dough because it felt quite jelak and greasy after a few bites.

The mutton was, however, very well prepared and there was not a whiff of any off-putting mutton smell. I would say even those that do not like mutton might enjoy this.

Notably, the chicken curry that came with this dish was significantly spicier, and more to my taste than the fish curry that accompanied the plain prata.

Final Thoughts

Enaq - Flatlay

There was something almost extraordinary about the plain prata at Enaq The Prata Shop. The crisp and crunch of it was so out of left field it felt almost like a sin. However, I would have to deduct a point as their Mutton Murtabak was really quite the let-down. It was nothing astounding and very mediocre, both taste – and texture-wise.

I would give their murtarbak a pass and stick with the good old basics of plain prata or even egg prata, which is said to be very good as well. Props to them and their stellar plain prata — I would likely come here again in the future.

Expected damage: S$4.50 – S$9 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Enaq the Prata Shop

303 Jurong East Street 32, Singapore 600303

Our Rating 4/5

Enaq the Prata Shop

303 Jurong East Street 32, Singapore 600303

Operating Hours: 7am - 11pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 7am - 11pm (Daily)
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