Eyescream & Friends: Adorable Googly-Eyed Shaved Gelato From Barcelona Opens In CompassOne

Last Updated: October 13, 2016

Written by Melissa Goh

eyescream & friends

Eyescream & Friends is a popular Barcelona ice cream parlor founded by Joad and Federico in 2012, known for its adorable monster-like shaved gelato with googly candy eyes.

For those that have been eyeing to try it, good news, it has opened its very first outlet in Singapore at CompassOne! You’ll find the store amidst the bustling food hall of the newly revamped mall at the basement.

eyescream & friends

Besides the cheery staffs, these cute monster machines will greet you too, as you ponder over what flavour to get for the shaved gelato — from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, yoghurt, cheesecake, wildberry yoghurt and mango.

You could have the Eyescream Bowl ($4.90) or a Complete Pack ($6.90) that comes with two toppings, of which I knew I had to get the latter.

eyescream & friends

The display windows filled with toppings and candies were calling out to me. Imagine how cute it will look on Instagram once assembled!

If you’re getting the Complete Pack, simply pick up one of the trays at the counter, then walk down the line of toppings to choose the ones you’d like.

eyescream & friends

I chose caramel and pastel-coloured mini marshmallows for my wildberry yoghurt shaved gelato.

eyescream & friends

The third and final step was handing the tray to the staff, they’ll fill the bowl up and place a pair of eyes on top of the shaved gelato before serving it to you at the collection counter.

All these happened within a span of less than five minutes, and we were digging into these iced cold monsters sooner than expected.

eyescream & friends

Ta-dah! Your very own tray, that looks almost like you’re eating from an art palette.

You could pour over the sauce and toppings you got, swirl it all up and eat them together, or be all dainty by scooping up a little sauce for each bite. Either ways you’d be enjoying a really cute ice cream, quite unlike any other I’ve seen before.

The shaved gelato’s texture may not be as fine and delicate as what you’ll get from Taiwanese shaved ice shops, after all gelato is meant to be rich and creamy. The wildberry yoghurt was smooth and a little sourish, which is good if you’re looking for a dessert after a heavy meal.

eyescream & friends

Nope, no guilt at all indulging in the eyescream, even though it was staring at us intently with its wide eyes.

I’d return to try the other flavours, perhaps cheesecake and chocolate next time. It’ll be really cool if they allow customers to mix two flavours in the near future. *Ahem* new business idea for the founders.

If you’re up for other smaller treats, you could try the Lollipops ($4.90) candies spotting the trademark eyes, or go for the Gelato Shakes ($5.90) as a thirst-quencher.

Expected damage: $4.90 – $6.90

Eyescream & Friends: #B1-42 Compass One, 1, 1 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545078 | WebsiteFacebook | Opening Hours: Daily 10AM–10PM

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