Wine & dine with fine cheese & wagyu at FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay

FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay is a one-stop destination that offers a unique shopping and dining experience with its diverse range of products and services. Nestled in the heart of Clarke Quay, this upscale supermarket caters to the needs of both locals and tourists alike. 

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - Storefront

From gourmet ingredients to everyday essentials, FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay has everything you need for a fulfilling shopping trip. 

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - Fruits Section

It features an extensive selection of fresh produce, premium meats, imported cheeses, and speciality items.

Beyond just groceries, FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay also boasts a curated selection of wines, spirits, and craft beers, making it the perfect place to stock up on beverages for any occasion. 

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - vegetable section

The supermarket’s well-stocked shelves are a treasure trove for food enthusiasts and home cooks, with an array of international and local brands to choose from. 

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - Wine Section

Walking in, it felt like I was being transported to Australia. 

With a chic, modern interior brightly lit by natural light, this Fairprice Finest outlet’s unique selling point is its large dining area. The theme repeatedly seen is “You Pick, We Cook”.

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - Dining Hall

This is where diners are encouraged to pick their fresh produce from within the refrigerators to have it cooked by the different cooking stations.

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - behind the bar

Upon entering this large grocer, the forefront of the store is a bar area where diners can get Housepour Wines (S$7.90) as well as their signature local cocktails such as the Pahit Dino (S$15), Lion City Sling (S$15) and the Little Coco Cocktail (S$15).

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - Pouring cocktail drink

If you want to ball out that day, you could even pick out any bottle of wine or liqueur from the shelves and pay a small Corkage Fee (S$2.50 for wine, S$8 for Liqueur).  

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - Wine shelves

With Clarke Quay being known for its partying and clubbing scene in Singapore, this might possibly be the cheapest option to get your pre-drinks in.

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - Cheese section

If you are feeling peckish that day, I would recommend pairing your very affordable wines together with some cheese from the cheese station. To be very honest, I am really impressed by the selection of cheese that they have to offer. I feel that cheese is one that can be easily overlooked by major supermarket chains. However, this Fairprice Finest did not disappoint.

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - man cutting salami

I went for the smallest cheese platter where you are given an option to choose 3,5 or 7 items to be on your Charcuterie Board (S$15, S$25, S$35). This ranges from a variety of Brie to Blue Cheeses, to soft sheep’s cheese and cold cuts like Chorizo and Baked Ham.

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - wine and cheese on table

We went for the 3-item Charcuterie board with a soft Truffle Lincet Cheese, the harder Comte Cheese and some Parma Ham. This all also came with a basket of mini Baguette bread slices. However, the basket of bread came cold and I would have preferred if the bread was toasted to give some crunch to the cheeses. 

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - wine and cheese

The Truffle Lincet Cheese was very soft and disintegrated once it entered my mouth. It had a straightforward truffle flavour followed by a creamy texture. This complemented the nutty and savoury parma ham well as it brought out the subtle sweetness of the cheese and added another layer of flavour. 

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - parma ham on cheese on bread

The Comte Cheese, on the other hand, had a much more yellowish colour compared to the pale Truffle Lincet Cheese. Made from ageing unpasteurised cow’s milk in the Franche-Comté region of eastern France, the cheese had a pronounced nutty flavour. 

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - beef section

Having our appetite opened up, we spotted some Wagyu Tri Tip Steak (S$6.50/100g) in the meat fridge section which we bought and brought to the cooking station. 

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - raw beef on hand

The cooking station charges a Cooking Fee (S$12) for the fresh meats brought to them and you also get a choice of having the steak cubed or sliced.

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - beef and wine

The meat was cooked to medium rare however, as the cut of meat was not the best, it was too chewy. Despite that, it washed down well with our glass of Housepour Wine. I felt that the steak was slightly on the pricier side as the total came out to be around S$27 for a cut of beef whose quality was not the highest. That being said, if I were to be back, I would go for the better cuts of ribeye or sirloin

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - Raw salmon section

Meats aside, seafoods like Salmon ($21.90) can also be picked out from the fridge to be cooked at the same cooking station for the same Cooking Fee

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - baked good

If those aren’t your thing, Fairprice Finest also has a plethora of cakes and bakes as well as smaller cooked dishes like Takoyaki or Croquette.

Final Thoughts

Fairprice Finest Clark Quay - storefront

Overall, FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay is a true gem in the heart of Singapore, offering a premium shopping experience that combines quality, variety, and convenience. Whether you’re a foodie looking for freshly cooked gourmet food or a busy shopper in need of everyday essentials, this upscale supermarket has something for everyone.

With its commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction, FairPrice Finest Clarke Quay is undoubtedly a top destination for discerning shoppers seeking the best in quality and value.

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Our Rating: 3 / 5

FairPrice Finest

3 River Valley Road, B1-05-06, Singapore 179019

Our Rating 3/5

FairPrice Finest

3 River Valley Road, B1-05-06, Singapore 179019

Telephone: 6228 8040
Operating Hours: 8am - 12am (Daily)
Telephone: 6228 8040

Operating Hours: 8am - 12am (Daily)