Limited-Edition Pastel Blue Sea Salt Soft Serve For RM2.90 At Malaysia’s FamilyMart Outlets

How is it that the food across the Causeway is just that much better than ours? If you stay in Malaysia or happen to take a trip over, here’s a sweet treat you can look forward to.

Familymart Mediterranean Sea Salt Soft Serve 2019 Online 1

Their FamilyMart outlets are offering a super Instagram-worthy Mediterranean Sea Salt Sofuto (RM2.90)!

Don’t worry, the blue hue comes from the use of spirulina extract, which is 100% natural. So there’s no artificial colouring at all to achieve that lovely sky blue shade.

Aside from its potential for the ‘gram, this is definitely a pretty delicious dessert. It’ll be a hit with fans of salted caramel ice cream. Made with Mediterranean sea salt, each bite is sure to have a good balance of sweet and salty flavours.

Familymart Mediterranean Sea Salt Soft Serve 2019 Online 2

Psst, you can even get a mix of flavours! Matcha swirled with Mediterranean sea salt, anyone? That combination of green and pastel blue is one for the ‘gram, for sure.

Familymart Mediterranean Sea Salt Soft Serve 2019 Online 3

You can also choose either a Regular Cone or the limited-edition Chocolate Cone. I’d recommend getting the chocolate cone for this sea salt flavour to balance out the sweet chocolate taste.

Sadly for us Singaporeans, this is only available in Malaysia. Maybe it’s time to hop over the border for a food trip!

Dates & Times: Now available at FamilyMart outlets in Malaysia

Price: RM2.90