Eu Yan Sang: Exquisite Bird’s Nest Mooncakes with Ginseng, Ruby Dates to wow your guests this Mid-Autumn Festival 2023

If you’re looking to spruce up your Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 celebrations with mooncakes that will be sure to impress, look no further than Eu Yan Sang

eu yan sang - gift sets

Instead of offering the usual mooncakes filled with simple lotus paste and salted egg yolks, Eu Yan Sang’s mooncakes come in 4 unique flavours that are delicious and chock full of medical benefits. This year, aside from bringing back their Ruby Dates Bird’s Nest Mooncake from 2022, they’ve also introduced the all new Bird’s Nest Mooncake with Ginseng and 2 brand new non-bird’s nest flavours: Triple Treasures and Mademoiselle Lychee-Roselle.

Eu Yan Sang is well known as Singapore’s leading Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) brand, with a wide range of quality premium health supplements, TCM tonics, health foods and natural herbs. It’s no wonder why Eu Yan Sang has established itself as a trusted wellness brand, with loyal customers spanning different generations.

eu yan sang - gift set

Eu Yan Sang’s Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 offerings include a variety of different gift sets offering an assortment of products such as their mooncakes, bird’s nests and artisanal teas. These gift sets wonderfully combine both luxury and health, making them the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

What I tried at Eu Yan Sang

eu yan sang - gift sets

Eu Yan Sang has 8 different gift sets as part of their Mid-Autumn Festival 2023 line-up. The exquisite Emperor’s Ginseng & Bird’s Nest Symphony Gift Set (UP: S$198) is one of their highlights, which includes 2 pieces of Ginseng Bird’s Nest Mooncakes and 2 bottles of Majestic Cave Nest

The gift set is presented within an elegant two-tiered maroon box, with a drawer that can be pulled out to reveal the goodies within. It also comes with a gold cutlery set for you to cut and serve the mooncakes.

The box also comes in a stunning golden colour, if you opt for the Triple Treasures Artisanal Tea Time Gift Set (UP: S$128), Tea Time with Mademoiselle Gift Set (UP: S$128) for members) or Mademoiselle’s Favourites Gift Set (UP: S$128).

Enjoy your mooncakes now at 30% OFF for Eu Yan Sang Members and 25% OFF for public / non-members! What’s more? Eu Yan Sang will be giving away FREE Aloe Vera Snow Fungus Bird’s Nest with every 2 sets purchased! 

Now let us do a taste test!

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The mooncakes were all packed individually with a plastic wrapper around them, such that you don’t have to rush to finish consuming all of them at once, prolonging their freshness.

eu yan sang - mooncake

We first dug into the Emperor’s Ginseng with Bird’s Nest Mooncake, filled with lotus paste infused with American ginseng and a thick layer of bird’s nest in the centre. The mooncake was embossed with , the Mandarin word for swallow, and Eu Yan Sang’s brand name in Mandarin, 余仁生

eu yan sang - ginseng with bird's nest mooncake

Cutting into the mooncake revealed smooth ginseng-infused lotus paste encasing a generous amount of bird’s nest in the centre. The lotus paste was thick and rich with a hint of earthiness from the ginseng — the combination was impressive, with the elements blending harmoniously. Eu Yan Sang’s Ginseng with Bird’s Nest Mooncake manages to balance out the flavours well such that the ginseng aspect does not overpower the rest of the mooncake.

The bird’s nest filling was a delight to savour, as it was smooth, sweet and luscious. When paired with the ginseng-infused lotus paste, the whole mooncake wasn’t too sweet, with the eggy flavour of the crust complementing the fillings perfectly.

eu yan sang - empress's ruby dates bird's nest mooncake

If you’d like to enjoy both of Eu Yan Sang’s bird’s nest mooncakes, definitely opt for the Ultimate Bird’s Nest Mooncake Lovers Gift Set (UP: S$168). Enjoy 30% off for members and 25% off for public / non-members, which comes with 2 Emperor’s Ginseng Bird’s Nest Mooncakes and 2 Empress’s Ruby Dates Bird’s Nest Mooncakes.

The Empress’s Ruby Dates Bird’s Nest Mooncake is filled with ruby dates lotus paste and precious bird’s nest in the middle. 

Compared to the Emperor’s Ginseng with Bird’s Nest Mooncake, the Empress’s Ruby Dates Bird’s Nest Mooncake had a sweeter, earthier taste and stronger flavours. The fragrance of the red dates was prominent throughout the mooncake, making for a delicious and lush snack.

Aside from their bird’s nest mooncakes, Eu Yan Sang has introduced 2 new non-bird’s nest flavours for you to relish. 

eu yan sang - triple treasures mooncake

The Triple Treasures Mooncake contains pure lotus paste mixed with fragrant sweet longans, goji berries and olive kernels. Each bite that I took was packed full of flavour, with the fruity aroma of the longans and goji berries shining through. The olive kernels gave the mooncakes a lovely crunch, which juxtaposed the smooth texture of the lotus nicely.

eu yan sang - mademoiselle's lychee-roselle mooncake

Mademoiselle’s Lychee-Roselle Mooncake, on the other hand, combines the fruity and floral flavours of lychee and roselle. I loved the slight tartness of the roselle centre, which was perfectly balanced out by the sweet and fragrant lychee aroma. I couldn’t get enough of this super creative flavour. 

eu yan sang - majestic cave nest

When you order the Emperor’s Ginseng & Bird’s Nest Symphony Gift Set (UP: S$198) or Empress’s Ruby Dates & Bird’s Nest Symphony Gift Set (UP: S$168), you’ll receive 2 bottles of Majestic Cave Nest, which is packed with genuine premium cave bird’s nest. I loved how refreshing and smooth it was, with a slightly chewy texture from the bird’s nest.

eu yan sang - superior goji berries bird's nest with snow fungus

The Supreme Indulgence with Emperor Ginseng & Bird’s Nest Gift Set (UP: S$168) and Supreme Indulgence with Ruby Dates & Bird’s Nest Gift Set (UP: S$138), on the other hand, come with 2 bottles of Superior Goji Berries Bird’s Nest with Snow Fungus. Compared to the Majestic Cave Nest, this bird’s nest was slightly fruitier and sweeter from the addition of goji berries.

Definitely refrigerate your bird’s nest before you consume them for an extra refreshing wholesome treat!

Final thoughts

Eu Yan Sang - Mademoiselles Favourites 1
Credit – Eu Yan Sang

With the wide variety of gift sets to choose from, Eu Yan Sang’s offers something for everyone, regardless of taste. I was impressed at how creative and wholesome their mooncake products are, and they blew me away with their fragrant and exceptional tastes.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your friends and family this Mid-Autumn Festival, or if you’re simply hoping to enjoy a delicious mooncake with a cup of tea,

Eu Yan Sang’s exquisite mooncakes are the best choice.

Eu Yan Sang’s mooncakes will be available at all their stores islandwide, and on their website from now until 29 Sep 2023, while stocks last. You can also find them at Eu Yan Sang’s roadshow at JEM from 11 Sep to 17 Sep.

What’s more, purchase any 2 sets and you’ll receive a free box of Aloe Vera Snow Fungus Bird’s Nest, worth S$39.90, while stocks last! 

From 24 Aug 2023 onwards, you can also pop by selected Eu Yan Sang stores for mooncake tastings to try them out for yourselves! 

The mooncake tastings are available at the following selected Eu Yan Sang stores: Changi Airport Terminal 3, Tampines Mall, Parkway Parade, Compass One, NEX Serangoon, Suntec City, Plaza Singapura, Takashimaya, Marina Bay Sands, Toa Payoh Hub, Choa Chu Kang Lot One and Jurong East Mall (JEM).

* This article was brought to you in partnership with Eu Yan Sang.

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