Eu Yan Sang: Premium Bird’s Nest Mooncakes with Red Dates & Orange Peel this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

While most traditionally baked mooncakes might come with one or two salted egg yolks in its centre, Eu Yan Sang has truly upped the game this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 with its newly-launched Premium Bird’s Nest Mooncakes.

Available in two (reduced sugar) flavours, Red Dates White Lotus Paste and Orange Peel White Lotus Paste, each exquisite mooncake features premium bird’s nest in the middle, which have been laboriously handpicked by Eu Yan Sang’s team of bird’s nest specialists. 

Given how Bird’s Nest is an exquisite delicacy that’s well known for its health and beauty benefits, I can’t think of a better gift for my loved ones and relatives this Mid-Autumn.

Eu Yan Sang - photo of mooncakes

Many will know Eu Yan Sang as the leader in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and wellness. The first Eu Yan Sang store in Singapore started in 1879 and has since served generations of customers with the brand’s wide range of premium herbs and quality health tonics. With stringent testing protocols and high quality standards, it is little wonder that Eu Yan Sang has firmly established itself as the trusted TCM wellness brand in the hearts of consumers.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Eu Yan Sang combines the traditional baked mooncake with handpicked premium bird’s nest to create a truly luxurious and nourishing delicacy, perfect for gifting or for sharing with your loved ones over a pot of Chinese tea.

Ms Serene Seow, Managing Director of Eu Yan Sang Singapore shares: “More than just a traditional form of pastry, the mooncake is symbolic of families coming together to celebrate this special occasion. In marrying this traditional delicacy with exquisite handpicked premium bird’s nest, we wanted to craft mooncakes that are extra special, as delicious as they are nourishing.”

What I tried at Eu Yan Sang

Eu Yan Sang - mooncake box

I started the ball rolling with Eu Yan Sang’s Perfect in Pairs gift set. 

This particular gift set retails at S$168 and includes four bird’s nest mooncakes: two pieces of Red Dates White Lotus Paste Bird’s Nest Mooncake and two pieces of Chen Pi White Lotus Paste Bird’s Nest Mooncake.

The gift set comes in a gorgeous two-tier maroon box and gold cutlery. The bottom tier can be pulled out, just like a drawer, and would work well as a jewellery or watch box.

Early bird price for this gift set applies from now till 10 Aug 2022, going at S$108 for EU REWARD members and S$118 for non-members. To sweeten this early bird deal even more, Eu Yan Sang will be giving away 1 box Bird’s Nest Collagen Beverage 6s worth S$49.90 with every Perfect in Pairs set purchased.

Eu Yan Sang - photo of mooncake packaging

I liked that the mooncakes are individually wrapped and packed in separate boxes to maintain their freshness. 

This was something I especially appreciated, as my family tends to save the mooncakes and eat them on special occasions. This way, we can slowly enjoy the mooncakes one by one.

Eu Yan Sang - photo of mooncake

I decided to try the Chen Pi White Lotus Paste Bird’s Nest Mooncake first. 

This traditionally baked mooncake consists of white lotus paste infused with chen pi, which is orange peel in Mandarin, and comes with a generous layer of premium bird’s nest in the centre.

Just based on first impressions alone, I was already fascinated. I loved the little details, such as Eu Yan Sang’s custom-made mooncake mould, which produced a design that included Eu Yan Sang’s brand name in Mandarin (余仁生) as well as the Mandarin word for the swallow (燕) – a clue of the “treasure” encased in each mooncake.

Eu Yan Sang - cross section of mooncake

Cutting into each mooncake was a real delight. I’m quite accustomed to seeing traditionally baked mooncakes with salted egg yolk centres, but Eu Yan Sang’s mooncakes were filled with a good amount of smooth white lotus paste and premium bird’s nest.

Eu Yan Sang - cross section of mooncake

The fruity scent of the orange peel came through pretty robustly, so I had expected its fresh citrus notes to be really prominent. However, I was surprised by how light the mooncake was in terms of flavour. 

The white lotus paste was smooth and luscious, and as I savoured each bite, the tanginess of the orange peel melded in, offering a refreshing uplift to the palate. While the flavour of the  bird’s nest was mellow, it added a luxurious soft texture to each bite.

I must commend how Eu Yan Sang’s white lotus paste wasn’t overly saccharine or sweet, unlike most traditionally baked mooncakes I’ve had, making this a mooncake that was fresh yet satisfying.

Eu Yan Sang - cutting into mooncake

Next, I moved on to the Red Dates White Lotus Paste Bird’s Nest Mooncake. In place of the orange peel, this mooncake variant features red dates blended with lotus paste, giving this mooncake a distinctive and appealing red hue.

Eu Yan Sang - cross section of mooncake

This mooncake really surprised me, and it turned out to be my favourite out of the two choices. 

The natural sweetness of the red dates infuses the mooncake with a fragrant lightness, and paired fantastically well with the smooth & delicate white lotus paste. The perfectly baked pastry skin gave a nice nuttiness to each bite while the bird’s nest at the centre was lush and delicate, resulting in well-balanced flavours that made me go back for more.

Eu Yan Sang - photo of mooncake box

For those who are looking for a truly luxurious gift to indulge your loved ones this Mid-Autumn, you will find Eu Yan Sang’s Imperial Blessings Set perfectly fitted to your gifting motivations.

Retailing at S$198, this exquisite gift set comes with two pieces of either Chen Pi or Red Dates White Lotus Paste Bird’s Nest Mooncakes, and two bottles of Eu Yan Sang’s Majestic Premium Cave Bird’s Nest.

From now till 10 August 2022, early bird special for this gift set is at S$138 for EU Reward members and S$148 for non-members. Not to forget, you will also receive 1 box of Collagen Bird’s Nest Beverage 6s worth S$49.90 with every set of Imperial Blessings mooncakes gift set purchased.

Eu Yan Sang - photo of bird's nest

Each bottle of Majestic Premium Cave Bird’s Nest came packed with genuine premium cave bird’s nest. Just look at the generous serving of uber-luscious premium cave bird’s nest in every bottle!

Produced with zero artificial flavourings and stabilisers, this was 150g of pure bird’s nest goodness. The drink itself was delightfully smooth and light without being sweet at all, while the bird’s nest was smooth with a nice bite to it.

My advice would be to chill the bird’s nest before enjoying it as the chilled bird’s nest makes for a truly enjoyable and nourishing dessert treat, especially in this sweltering heat!

Final thoughts

Eu Yan Sang - photo of mooncake

The Mid-Autumn Festival has always been about gathering as a family and bonding together. While it’s become quite trendy for mooncakes nowadays to come in an assortment of unique flavours like durian and truffle champagne, I loved how wholesome and nourishing Eu Yan Sang’s premium bird’s nest mooncakes were, especially when it came as a set. 

Whether you’re purchasing this as a gift for friends and relatives, or to share with your family over a cup of tea, Eu Yan Sang’s premium bird’s nest mooncakes are really a meaningful way to show your gratitude to your loved ones while paying homage to this timeless tradition.

Eu Yan Sang’s Mid-Autumn gift sets are available at all Eu Yan Sang stores islandwide or online while stocks last, with early bird prices running from now till 10 August 2022. If you’d like to sample the mooncakes for yourself, drop by Eu Yan Sang’s sampling booths at JEM (1 to 7 August 2022) and Compass One (8 to 14 August 2022)!

* This article was brought to you in partnership with Eu Yan Sang.

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