15 Places For Breaking Fast During Ramadan With Up To 83% Off

Looking for great places to dine this Ramadan?

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Don’t miss out on these 15 places for you to feast during this festive period.

1. Butter Studio

(Online) FAVE - Butter Studio-1

Indulge in decadent local-inspired Salted Gula Melaka and Milo Speculoos Fudge cupcakes from Butter Studio. If you’re hungry for more, Wasabi Eggs Royale and Crabby Eggs Neptune are the signature main courses that should not be missed too.

Pay either $15 or $30 to get a Cash Voucher worth double the amount at $30 or $60 respectively (offer ends on 23 July 2017).

Butter Studio: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

2. Dapur Penyet

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With over 36 outlets in Southeast Asia, Dapur Penyet serves iconic Indonesian cuisine. Don’t miss out on this award-winning restaurant’s popular crispy ayam penyet and succulent ayam bakar.

Get the Ayam Set Meal for 2 or 4 People at $8.50 or $17.40, 50% off the original price of $17.40 and $34.80 respectively (offer ends on 4 July 2017).

Dapur Penyet: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

3. Gurame

(Online) FAVE - Gurame Indonesian-3

Located at Changi Coast Walk, treat yourself to delectable Indonesian cuisine at Gurame with a beautiful sea view and occasional flying planes as added bonuses. Don’t miss out on the signature golden gurame goreng that uses air-flown gurame fish, which are fried to perfection.

Choose from the different combinations of Ramadan set meals with at least 50% off (offer ends on 22 June 2017).

Gurame: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

4. Sofra Turkish Restaurant

Enjoy the dynamic Middle Eastern cuisine at Sofra Turkish Restaurant. Do not miss out on the signature Guvec Tavuk baked chicken and Izgara Kofte grilled flat meatballs.

For the fans of FAVE, the Turkish Meal with Dessert for four costs only $67.60 (offer ends on 29 July 2017).

Sofra Turkish Restaurant: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

5. O’nya Sayang

(Online) FAVE - o'nya sayang-11

Staying true to the Peranakan roots, O’nya Sayang brings you traditional nyonya flavours. Savour a wide variety of heritage-rich flavours, including the famous Ayam Buah Keluak, Nyonya Chap Chye, Assam Pedas and more.

Instead of paying $41.30, you will get an authentic Peranakan Set Meal for two at only $24.50 (offer ends on 24 July 2017).

O’nya Sayang: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

6. Popeyes

Enjoy a Popeyes set of 8 Singapore Street Wings + 10pc Tenders + 2 ranch sauce + 2 Citrus sauce + 4pc Chicken + 2 Citrus sauce + 2 Large Mashed Potatoes + 6 Tropicana Drink (While Stock Last – in the event of stock of Tropicana Drink is out, will be Substituted with Large Soft Drink).

While the original price is $60.20, get this ultimate set for only $39.90.

Popeyes: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

7. The Mad Sailors

Located at Haji Lane, The Mad Sailors serves authentic British grubs and is famous for its Fish & Chips, Curried Mussels and Marmite Honey Wings.

With FAVE, you will only have to pay $20 to get a Cash Voucher worth $30 for dining at The Mad Sailors (offer ends on 29 July 2017).

The Mad Sailors: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

8. Santaro by Gion

(Online) FAVE - Santaro By Gion-13

We all know Japanese omakase set meals are very costly so here comes the craziest meal deal for Amara hotel’s Santaro by Gion.

Get 83% off the Unagi Donburi with Sashimi Meal for two at an unbeatable price of $49.90 (offer ends on 24 July 2017). Now you can skip on paying the original price of $301.31! And celebrate by ordering the Lobster and Sushi Meal for two at only $78.

Santaro by Gion: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

9. Scoop Burger

(Online) FAVE - Scoop burger-14

Scoop Burger is located within Kallang MRT Station and this place often draws in passers-by with its smoky aroma of the grilled patties. The juicy patties are available in beef, chicken or mutton.

I would recommend you to get messy with the Beef Original Scoop Burger and Mash Potato Lava for half its original price at an affordable $7 (offer ends on 22 June 2017).

Scoop Burger: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

10. Siam Kitchen

(online) fave - Siam Kitchen-1

Siam Kitchen brings its chefs all the way from Thailand and is famous for the home-style Fish Head tom yum curry. Get your fill of authentic Thai cuisine staples such as the Spicy mango salad and Thai fish cakes.

For just $59.95 for four people, you will get to savour all of the mentioned dishes and more in the Six-Course Ramadan Thai Dinner with Free-Flow Thai Bandung (offer ends on 28 June 2017).

Siam Kitchen: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

11. Spice 101

(Online) FAVE - spice 101-5

Specialising in traditional North and South Indian cuisine, Spice 101 serves good quality and mouth watering Indian staples including chicken tikka, tandoori platters, as well as various naans and dosais.

Get your dose of spices and curries with FAVE’s deal, $30 worth of Cash Voucher for only $15 (offer ends on 20 June 2017).

Spice 101: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

12. Chulop!

Forget plain churros, you can enjoy a variety of flavoured dips from Chulop!, such as Spanish Caramel, Choc & Cheese and Cookie Crunch.

Thanks to FAVE, you can purchase a $40 worth of Cash Voucher for Churros and Milk Drinks for only $19.90 (offer ends on 29 July 2017)!

Chulop!: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

13. Tenderfresh

Tenderfresh dates back to 1993, with more than 100 outlets under different brands and concepts. Its signature Crispy Skin Chicken Steak and Smoked Duck Penne have kept patrons coming back for more.

For $19.80, you can try both signature dishes in the Two-Course Set Meal with Mocktail for two (offer ends on 23 July 2017).

Tenderfresh: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

14. The Landmark

(Online) FAVE - The Landmark-7

Located at Village Hotel Bugis, The Landmark offers a delectable selection of buffet fare that includes a live seafood section, tandoori, briyani, roasted beef and much more.

Spoil yourself with a Ramadan Dinner Buffet for one at $30.90, which is 49% off the original price (offer ends on 23 June 2017).

The Landmark: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

15. Tip Top

(Online) FAVE - Tip Top Chicken Wing-8

Established in 1979, Tip Top has plenty of franchises spread all around Singapore, providing affordable bite-sized local delights and fuss-free meals for people on the go.

If $3.60 is not cheap enough, FAVE lets you to get the Chicken Wing and Fried Bee Hoon Set for one for just $2.90 (offer ends on end Aug 2017).

Tip Top: Purchase Deal (Terms & Conditions apply) | Website

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