Food Lovers Only (FLO): Halal Certified Korean Restaurant With Dishes Prepared By A 19-Year-Old Korean Chef

Last Updated: February 10, 2017

Written by Ynez Wahab


Established by the Manuka Group, Food Lovers Only a.k.a FLO is a Halal certified Korean restaurant that serves Western-fusion cuisine. Located at IMM shopping mall, FLO’s extensive menu includes all-day breakfasts, sandwiches and pastas that are recreated by the chef. 


The open-space interior allows for a simple and fuss-free dining concept, where diners can feel at ease. The white and blue colour scheme of the restaurant is also rather aesthetically-pleasing.


Flo’s Rosti Special ($15) is a must-have when dining here. Made up of freshly grated potato, the rosti is crisp as a fritter on the outside and soft on the inside. With either a choice of sunny side up or scrambled, you can even request for the kind of egg you prefer.

In addition, marinated pulled chicken slices and a rocket salad is served on the side. Be sure to have them together with the rosti for the full works. And, let’s not forget about the delicious sour cream and chives dipping sauce.


The Korean Beef Bulgogi Sandwich ($15) may look like any regular sandwich, but the grilled marinated beef speaks volumes for why it’s not. 


Sandwiched between the Ciabatta bread halves are the beef slices that have been doused in a rich dressing and topped with caramelized onions and grilled tomatoes. As if it couldn’t get any tastier, mozzarella cheese is also melted over the condiments for that stringy cheese effect we can’t get enough of. 


Fancy a savoury waffle? Try the Chicken Egg Waffle ($17) that comes with a side of rocket salad. The fresh chicken itself is marinated with herbs and stacked on top of runny scrambled eggs and a crisp waffle.


Of course, we couldn’t resist the Korean Inspired Marinated Chicken ($16). Tender slices of chicken is accompanied by a mound of kimchi fried rice tossed with Myulchi Bokkeum, better known as stir-fried anchovies.

To cater to the health-conscious, brown rice is used for the stir-fry instead of the usual white rice that you might be more accustomed to.


Always one for Asian-inspired pastas, we tried the Tom Yam Pasta ($15) and was pleasantly surprised by the creamy texture of the base.

Made from scratch with mainly chilli and parmesan cheese, the mixture of spiciness and saltiness truly made the dish. Bits of cherry tomato and mushroom are also found embedded within the pasta. 


D’Orange Pasta ($14), as the name suggests, is created using oranges. I was afraid that it would be overwhelmingly sour, but it was adequately so flavouring the dish with a slight tang. This may be a strange combination for most, but I enjoyed the forkfuls of angel hair pasta that had hints of citrus from the orange zest. 

A dash of basil and parmesan cheese is also added to spruce up the dish even further. While I am not the biggest fan of prawns, I have to admit that they were particularly plump and juicy.


Don’t go ordering the Iced Butterscotch Roasted Almond Latte ($7) if you’re in need of a caffeine fix because it doesn’t contain any caffeine, whatsoever.

What it does have, however, is a sweet butterscotch syrup that somehow tastes better than the usual caramel we’re so used to having in our coffees.


The Mango Mint Fizzy Drink ($5.50) made for a refreshing beverage indeed. Soda water with a goop of mango syrup and mint leaves might not be the most innovative of drinks, but it really does quench your thirst after a meal.


You’d be surprised to find out that all these dishes are made by 19-year-old Korean Chef Kim Jin Myeong, who is the mastermind behind these amazing fusion creations. 

What sets FLO apart from most Korean restaurants is that they are one of few who makes it a point not to use pork in their menu items, ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy the food they have to offer. If you’re a Westie or happen to be in the area, definitely hit this place up for some great fusion fare. 

Expected damage: $14 – $17

Address: 2 Jurong East Street 21, #02-15A IMM, Singapore 609601 | Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm daily | Tel: 68961396 | Facebook 

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