First dibs: Food Republic Woodleigh Mall — 13 stalls with wide variety like spicy crayfish & Thai-style braised pork

The Woodleigh Mall is a  brand spanking new shopping mall for the folks in Serangoon. As with most malls, there is a Food Republic here with great grub to enjoy. Its13 stalls offer a wide array of cuisines and give diners some interesting choices!

We may have made our visit a little late, considering that Food Republic Food Court has been open since 13 May 2023. However, this means that the stalls have gotten used to the site, and can churn out great food with consistency.

Food Republic Woodleigh Mall — Seating Area

Do not fear for lack of seating as this food court offers approximately 250 seats, which is adequate for the crowd, even during busy hours. The decor of the place is gorgeous! It features murals done by self-taught graffiti artists TraseOne and Antz, along with illustrator Tiffany Yeo. Depicting local scenes Singaporeans will recognise fondly, the murals are a wonderful distraction while you wait for your food.

Food Republic Woodleigh Mall — Spicy Crayfish

It is rare to see Spicy Crayfish in a food centre but Mr. Tong Mala Hotpot here sells it. The dish was not as spicy as I had expected; it numbed my tongue rather than burned it. Coated in that oily gravy, the crayfish made for a delectable treat that left me wanting more.

Food Republic Woodleigh Mall — Red Grouper Soup

Mala too spicy to handle? King Grouper Fish Soup‘s Red Grouper Fish Soup makes for a perfect breather. With fork-tender grouper meat, this soup is loaded with many other ingredients, including tofu and tomatoes for an healthy boost. For those who practically douse everything in coriander, this dish will float your boat as the scent and taste of the herb is rather prominent.

Food Republic Woodleigh Mall — Mighty Green Chilli Noodles

With the opening of this new Food Republic comes some R&D for Lam’s Noodle & Salt-baked Chicken. Their new dish Mighty Green Chilli Boneless Chicken Thigh Noodles (S$7.90) is a Woodleigh-exclusive for now, and will be extended to other outlets later on.

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I loved how tender the savoury chicken thigh was and how well it went with the slight heat from the green chilli pesto. Drinks are definitely mandatory for this spicy dish, something I learnt rather quickly.

Thai Braised Pork Rice

Wishing for some Thai food in Food Republic? Bangkok Gem has got your covered with classics like Pad Thai and Tom Yum Seafood Soup! Personally, I believe that the Thai-style Braised Pork Leg Rice is not to be skipped over.

The braised pork meat practically tore itself off the bone and tasted incredible with the ladled-over dark sauce. This dish is pure comfort food, with a taste similar to duck rice. Having been marinated, the egg had a light flavour that mixed with the rice and was incredibly moreish.

Signage of Entrance

I wholeheartedly agree that The Woodleigh Mall hides many wonders, from Insta-worthy Bulgogi Syo to wholesome Qin Ji Rougamo. It looks like this mall now has Food Republic as a worthy choice to dine for many folks.

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Price: $ $

Food Republic, The Woodleigh Mall

11 Bidadari Park Drive, The Woodleigh Mall, #B1-09/10, Singapore 367803


Food Republic, The Woodleigh Mall

11 Bidadari Park Drive, The Woodleigh Mall, #B1-09/10, Singapore 367803

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm (Daily)
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