Founder Bak Kut Teh: Peppery Bak Kut Teh With a Kick at Balestier Rd

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No stranger to Singapore’s bak kut teh scene, Founder Bak Kut Teh has been serving up bowls of piping hot sweat-inducing Teochew-style pork rib soup for over 40 years. With four outlets scattered around our sunny island as well as franchises in China, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietnam, it’s no doubt why Mando Pop Star, Jay Chou is a regular of the eatery whenever he is in town.

The recent afternoon showers these days has me frequently craving for a bowl of warm and comforting soup. Having just touched the surface of Founder Bak Kut Teh in our list of the 15 Best Bak Kut Teh in Singapore, I thought that this was definitely an appropriate time to delve deeper into their menu to check out what the eatery had to offer. 

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Currently available for islandwide delivery with a minimum purchase of S$30, Founder Bak Kut Teh’s delivery menu extends beyond their signature bowl of pork rib soup. With the inclusion of their new range of Mama’s Home-cooked dishes, their extensive menu items left me spoilt for choice—like a kid in a candy store.

Since it was without a doubt imperative to taste their legendary bak kut teh, I dove straight into placing my orders, keeping a mental note on the other zi char-style dishes to try for my next food endeavour. Ordering was a breeze with a text to Founder Bak Kut Teh’s WhatsApp contact at +65 8896 5136. Right on the dot, the delivery arrived at my doorstep, neatly packed and wrapped up with no spillage at all—a true blessing when it comes to getting soupy dishes delivered.

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Comprising of a long premium rib and two short ribs, Founder Bak Kut Teh (S$9.80) was indeed the epitome of the phrase ‘soup for the soul’. Packed with rich sweetness of the pork broth followed by a strong peppery kick, their bak kut teh was addictively spicy warming my body as I sipped on the soup. Yes, it was still warm even though it was delivered.

Tender with a marbling of fat embedded within the thick slices of meat surrounding the rib, the meat delicately slid off its bones with a gentle push from my chopsticks. When dipped into the dark soya sauce with chilli padi, it enhanced the umami flavours of the pork, leaving me wanting more after I devoured all three ribs in my soup.

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If you are dining with kids or find eating pork ribs cumbersome, an equivalent alternative to bak kut teh would certainly be their Slice Lean Meat Soup (S$7.80). Cleaner and brighter in taste, the sliced lean meat was more tender as compared to the pork ribs. 

Although both the Founder Bak Kut Teh and Slice Lean Meat Soup had what I would assume was the same soup base, I felt that the latter was milder and less garlicky. Thinking back, I’m still slightly confused as to why it tasted that way to me. If you have tried both dishes, feel free to let me know if you felt the same!

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Since I was at the same time craving kway chap, I was elated when I saw the Trio Combo on their menu. For just S$5.80, I got a decent serving of braised egg, braised beancurd, and braised large intestines.

Exactly to my liking, the braised sauce was rich with subtle herbal notes and was not overly salty. Braised egg and beancurd will never go wrong, but when it comes to dealing with innards, that’s where it gets a little tricky. Well, Founder Bak Kut Teh’s years of experience definitely showed as the large intestines in this dish were braised to perfection.

The intestines had the ideal chew and were not grainy at all. In addition, they also retained its characteristic pungency without being too overwhelming.

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The Crispy Prawn Roll (S$6.80) was another side dish I ordered to complement my meal. Known to many of us ngoh hiang, my order of Founder Bak Kut Teh’s Crispy Prawn Roll came golden brown, still crispy to bite. 

Encased in a thin layer of beancurd skin, the generous portion of minced meat and prawn mixture was fresh and savoury. The mixture exuded an earthy taste from the 5-spice powder which it was seasoned with. Paired with the sweet yet slightly acidic plum sauce served by the side, Founder Bak Kut Teh’s Crispy Prawn Roll is a dark horse you will not want to miss.

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A meal of bak kut teh will never be complete without the accompaniment of Dough Fritters (S$2) and Salted Vegetables (S$3.80). A must-have on the table, although the Dough Fritters were not crispy when delivered, I was glad they were still fluffy and not hard. Whether you like your you tiao to be soaked up with the mouth-watering broth or just slightly drenched, these Dough Fritters are sure to leave you wanting more!

Besides their scrumptious bak kut tehs and variety of side dishes, Founder Bak Kut Teh is also treating their diners to something special for the period of 18 May 2020 to 1 July 2020. Spend a minimum of S$30 on your meal and you will be able to get two cups of Monga’s Black Dragon Milk Tea for just S$5! 

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Limited to two sets per order (four bubble teas), bubble tea fans are in for a treat with a comforting bowl of pork ribs soup and a rich, creamy cup of milk tea to keep you satiated in the comfort of your home.

Chope Reservations

Expected Damage: S$15 – S$25 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Founder Bak Kut Teh

347 Balestier Road, Singapore 329777

Our Rating 4/5

Founder Bak Kut Teh

347 Balestier Road, Singapore 329777

Telephone: +65 6352 6192
Operating Hours: 12pm - 2.30pm, 6pm - 2.30am (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6352 6192

Operating Hours: 12pm - 2.30pm, 6pm - 2.30am (Daily)
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