Kind-hearted durian stall owner in Selangor gives free durians to pregnant women

Did you know that nearly two out of three pregnant women have food cravings? Now imagine being pregnant and deprived of your durian during the durian season? Meet Rizki Adri Andri Zainintawa, the owner of Rizky Durian who is giving away free durians to pregnant women.

Rizky Durian - durian stall

According to the New Straits Times, the 29-year-old said he did this to keep his promise to his mother. His mother had advised him to be kind to others when he was successful and he added that this was his way of honouring his promise.

He recalled an incident about two to three years ago in Taman Medan where he stumbled upon a pregnant woman on a motorcycle with her husband and child. The pregnant woman was craving durian but could not afford it.

Rizki called her over and asked if she would like some durians to which she agreed. Moved, he offered her a durian for free. And ever since then, has been performing this gesture for expectant mothers during the durian season. Rizki said he also understood pregnancy food cravings as his wife is pregnant with their second child.

rizky durian - van full of durians

According to the social post, pregnant women are eligible for a free IOI Hajah Asmah durian or the Udang Merah kind at three of his stalls in Taman Medan, Gombak and Kota Damansara. It doesn’t just stop there— he’s also giving out free durian cendol as well to pregnant women. But this offer only applies to the Kota Damansara stall.

Pregnant and having durian cravings? You now know where to go!

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