10 Eateries Where You Can Switch To Wholegrain For Free In Singapore

We all know that consuming an excess of refined carbohydrates isn’t good for your health — in addition to providing little nutrition, it also denies you of the recommended intake of fibre. The average adult should ideally be consuming at least 20-30g of fibre daily, while it’s been observed that we only get slightly more than half of that amount.

So, how do we make sure we’re getting our fibre fix, especially when we’re eating out? Lucky for us, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) has been working with the food industry to make available more healthier options such as lower calorie meals, wholegrains, healthier oil and lesser added sugar.

To kickstart your wholesome regime, we have suggested 10 eateries where you can still enjoy your favourite meals, with a complimentary option to switch your staple to a wholegrain option.

1. Simply Wrapps

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You can be spoilt for healthier choices for a balanced meal with more than 50 toppings and 18 dressings at Simply Wrapps. Go for wholemeal wrap, choose lean protein options such as shrimps, turkey ham, roast beef, tofu and a variety of vegetables for that delectable crunch. Finally top your wrap with some lighter sauces such as Sweet Thai Sauce with Mayo Cucumber and Habanero with Smoky BBQ Sauce.

Too many choices? You can bet on their Chef’s Creations, including Tuna Lovers ($11.50/$11.90), Singapore Mixed Seafood ($11.50/$11.90) and Mexicana Fiesta ($10.50/$10.90) to whet your appetite.

To make a bang for your buck, switch to wholemeal wraps for a nutritious boost at no extra charge!switch to wholegrain wraps if you’re looking for a fibre boost at no extra charge!

Prices: $10.50 – $14 per pax

Simply Wrapps: Various outlets | Website | Facebook

2. Wheat Baumkuchen

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As the name suggests, Wheat Baumkuchen is here to help you get your daily dose of healthy grains. It specialises in hearty meals of soba, noodles, brown rice, salad and soups.

Appetising mains include the choice of tuna, salmon, teriyaki chicken, barramundi and beef stew, to go along with wholegrains such as quinoa and brown rice. You’ll be more than happy to know that you don’t have to be wealthy to eat healthy, as set meals start as low as $7.80!

Prices: $7.80 – $12 per pax

Wheat Baumkuchen: Various outlets | Website | Facebook

3. Soup Restaurant

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With its origins dating back to 1991, Soup Restaurant has brought the tradition of herbal soups to the masses. The cuisine they offer is dubbed as ‘Chinatown Heritage Cuisine’, paying homage to the traditional recipes that were once enjoyed in Chinatown’s streets years ago.

Some classic dishes include Samsui Ginger Chicken, Beggar Bowl Tofu and Double Boiled Dried Scallop with Black Chicken Soup. While sticking to tradition, there is also the need to stay healthy, and as such, the restaurant now offers diner the option of swapping out regular rice for brown rice, for no extra charge. We think it’s an excellent way of marrying health and tradition!

Prices: $15 – $40 per pax

Soup Restaurant: Various outlets | Website | Facebook

4. Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore

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Don’t we all love a wholesome, warm plate of pasta to fill our hungry bellies from time to time? And no one has got our back since 1988 like Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore.

With a large selection of mains from meat to seafood, it also boasts one of the largest variety of homemade pastas to offer diners. From fusilli to fettucine to ravioli Verdi (spinach), they also offer homemade wholemeal pasta for those who’d like a high fibre option.

At no extra cost, you’re even more spoilt for choice and have more reasons to keep healthy even when indulging in your favourite pasta dish.

Prices: $10 – $35 per pax

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Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore: Various outlets | Website | Facebook

5. Subway

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Everyone’s trusty sandwich spot, Subway, has always been a great choice for those who want an easy bite on-the-go. We know their Honey Oat is a crowd favourite, as is the classic Italian loaf. But did you know they also have a Multigrain Bread?

There’s no hidden cost for selecting this healthier option, plus it’s filling and nutritious. No better complement for all of the appetising fillings to go with!

Prices: $5 – $9 per pax

Subway: Various outlets | Website | Facebook

6. Fish & Co.

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Fish & Co. is a great casual dining spot for when you feel like enjoying fish, prepared several different ways. Of course, there’s the classic Fish & Chips, but don’t forget their seafood pasta dishes too.

What’s more, you can simply request for 100% wholemeal spaghetti to replace the regular pasta, for a healthier twist!

Prices: $10 – $30 per pax

Fish & Co.: Various outlets | Website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Swensen’s

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Swensen’s is well-known for its great American diner fare — with amazing baked pasta dishes, local twists on American classics and an array of ice cream flavours that go into their mouth-watering sundaes and ice cream cakes.

Health-conscious diners need not feel left out, as you can also get in your dietary needs by asking to replace the French fries for a wholemeal bun or even steamed vegetables (at no additional cost). You won’t need to miss out on a great gathering when someone suggests Swensen’s again!

Prices: $10 – $30 per pax

Swensen’s: Various outlets | Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Day ‘N’ Night Herbal Soup

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Most Singaporeans find solace and comfort in local fare, which is widely available in hawker centres and food centres. Day ‘N’ Night Herbal Soup assist their customers in gradually adopting a healthier eating habit by providing a brown rice option at no extra cost, like this hearty serving of Black Chicken Herbal Soup ($5.50).

They also have 10 Assorted Herbal Duck Soup ($6) and Salted Vegetable Pork ($4.50), so you’ll get to enjoy classic local dishes without compromising on flavour and go for brown rice for a wholesome twist.

Prices: $3.30 – $6.50 per pax

Day ‘N’ Night Herbal Soup: 207 Upper Changi Road, Bedok Interchange Food Centre, #01-21, Singapore 460207

9. QQ Rice

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Let your imagination do the legwork at QQ Rice, as you can choose from the vast range of wholegrain, including oat rice, purple rice, wheat five, red rice, brown rice or mixed grain, and select a combination of fillings. They also serve rice rolls, reminiscent of sushi, for convenient consumption.

Can’t decide what to add to the mix? No worries, as they also serve set menu choices that are just as delicious as nutritious. If you’re looking for a meal that’s beyond rice rolls, you’ll be glad to know that they also have wholesome porridges using multi-grain rice, and three ingredients of your choice, along with ginger, mushroom and black fungus.

Prices: $4 – $8 per pax

QQ Rice: Various outlets | Website | Facebook

10. McDonald’s

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McDonald’s is a household fast food name that everyone has guiltily indulged in from time to time. But now, with their breakfast menu, you can opt for a wholegrain muffin for your McMuffins at no additional cost!

McDonald’s also have a range of healthier options in their 500 Delight menu which includes swapping out the regular deep fried hash brown as part of a set meal, with a corn cup that is also a wholegrain filled with dietary fibre and nutrients. For an even healthier option, flavour corn cup with the black pepper provided at McDonald’s self-service corner and skip the margarine!

Prices: $3 – $7 per pax

McDonald’s: Various outlets | Website | Facebook | Instagram

Eating out doesn’t equate to giving up healthier options, especially when your favourite eateries offer plenty of ready-to-eat wholegrain meals with the choice to swap out refined carbs for wholegrain options, for free! Start adopting a healthier diet by making small changes to your daily eating habits, and in no time, it will seem like an effortless task to eat and lead a healthier lifestyle.

*This post was brought to you in collaboration with Health Promotion Board (HPB)