FRESH! Bar Singapore: Probably the Freshest Happy Hour Cocktail Deal Around

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At the second floor of The Sultan hotel is FRESH! – probably the freshest bar in town. It’s a completely different atmosphere walking up from Jalan Sultan to this hip bar.

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This all surrounding mural has a simple and adored theme – the 90s – but singular elements of it are nowhere simple. Loud and impressively detailed, if you’re a 90s kid, you’re sure to know what these icons mean. You’ll have a field day picking them out and reminiscing the times with a drink in your hand.

The owner Shawn said the mural is inspired by the good old times he had growing up, the era where MTV played actual music. Hahahaha shade.

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Now helming the bar is bar-mistress Kino (formerly from Bar Stories and HopScotch), a more than capable bartender who loves playful incorporations of food into cocktails. She, along with the FRESH! team, will be crafting a new drinks menu so hopefully, we can see some of that in the new menu soon.

Let’s check out some of their current popular cocktails first shall we.

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Xin Jia Po Sling ($20)

One of FRESH!’s Signatures, retained from the very first menu is the Xin Jia Po Sling – their very own take on our classic Singapore sling.

The bartender shared with us that despite its foundations being a sling, the original Singapore Sling is very much inspired by Tiki cocktails as it was the buzz at the time of its creation. The loud primary colours, the tropical fruity flavours are characteristic to a tiki cocktail.

The fruitiest of the three, this is a sweet and refreshing concoction that deceives one into thinking that it is just a simple cocktail. However, according to the bartender, the fruitiness masks the true complexity of the ingredients of this cocktail.

The master craft of the cocktail is immensely intricate and if you’re curious, I’ll highly recommend a trip down to discover yourself.

Inside: smoked Bankes Gin, Sloe Gin, Cointreau, Dom Benedictine, pineapple juice and Tiger Beer.

With a Splash of tiger, topped with Wang Wang, this drink achieves the True-blood Singaporean stamp. Even with the new menu revamp, the Xin Jia Po Sling will still be inside as it is a popular crowd-pleaser that has evolved into their Signature. My favourite cocktail of the night too.

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Hola Papi Lychee ($20)

Twist on the classic Lychee Martini, Hola Papi Lychee is another of FRESH!’s Signature and crowd favourite.

Although Lychee Martini might sound really pansy to some of you who have fragile masculinity, this cocktail is not a “weak lady drink” at all. Despite the dainty cup and initial sweetness, a tequila aftertaste quickly takes over and lingers.

The tequila isn’t the bad kind of tequila that reminds you of embarassing nights and bad decisions, oh no. This tequila is the good stuff with that lingering aftertaste can almost make one hum satisfyingly after. Overall a fruity sweet and tart drink that appears mellow but tastes evidently of alcohol after.

The dried lychee on the skewer was freaking tasty. I could snack on it all day if they sold it.

Inside: Corralejo Blanco Tequila, Aperol, Lychee Syrup and Lemon Juice

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Monkey Gland ($18)

Yeah you’re seeing that right, it is a condom. according to them this drink may or may not improve men’s vitality. According to one of our friends, “it’s a great way to get laid”.

This suspiciously dark drink looks intimidating but tasted nothing like fear or regrets. Hints of berries and citrus masks the absinthe, there was a slight tartness with every swig of sweetness. Like all the other three, this cocktail was also easy to drink because of how well-balanced it was.

So drink up comfortably until your guts are strong enough to ask out that cute one over there.

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Apart from fantastic drinks, you can expect nostalgic tunes with lyrics you find yourself belting out unknowingly because they are music you know so well from the 90s to 00s.

The people here are warm and undoubtedly friendly. They’re willing to answers your questions about your drinks anytime. The head bartender, Kino, makes brilliantly balanced drinks and the place is great to look at and great to nua at. Plus value-for-money Happy Hour, what more do you need?

We enjoyed the drinks and atmosphere at this place a lot and highly recommend it to you.

Expected Damage: $20 – $50 per pax

FRESH! Bar: The Sultan, 101 Jalan Sultan, #02-01, Singapore 199002| Tel: 8828 7084 | Website