Froth: Check Out This Asian-Fusion Restaurant’s Hainanese Chicken Pasta In Raffles Place


If you enjoy all our local Singaporean food but eating at kopitiams have gotten a bit boring, check out Froth and their Asian fusion menu. Located at Ascott Raffles Place, this restaurant takes local dishes like chicken rice and bak kut teh, and gives them a unique twist.


Froth changes their menu constantly, keeping the crowd favourites and introducing new dishes every three months or so. I was informed that the menu had changed barely a few weeks before our dinner, so the next big change would be in July or August 2017.


Starting things off with the Duck Kut Teh ($10.90), I was pretty surprised when the churro on top turned out to be a skinnier you tiao. The broth had a herbal and strong duck taste, with a slight sweetness from the red date.

There was shredded duck meat along with crunchy rolls of melon and tiny dollops of tobiko. The flying fish roe added a nice texture, while the shredded duck meat gave the dish the substance it needed.


When the Doritos Crust Winglets ($16.90) came to the table, I could barely contain my excitement. Doritos are one of my guilty pleasures, and chips plus chicken? Sounds like the next big thing. The Doritos mix had a bit of heat, and added crunch and saltiness to the dish.

The chicken winglets were confit first then baked with the Doritos mix. The taste was spot on, but I felt that the chicken was a bit too dry and tough.


The highlight of the dinner was the Three Egg Risotto ($25.90), a play on the tri-egg spinach dish. It’s one of my favourites, so I had pretty high expectations for this, and the dish definitely lived up to it. Once broken, the onsen egg coated the risotto with a silky texture, and the taste of the salted egg and century egg shone through.

The salted egg meringue was mind-blowing; crisp flakes of sweet and salty meringue melting in my mouth. Everything came together so well in this dish especially the balance of flavours.


I remember my father complaining about how I used to always eat chicken rice when I was a kid, and even to this day, chicken rice is my go-to dish when I’m too lazy to decide on a meal. So when I saw that Froth serves Hainanese Chicken Pasta ($25.90), I knew I had to try it.

And it was amazing. The pasta reminded me of chicken rice, with hints of garlic and ginger. While the chicken is exactly like the pieces of chicken meat you’ll get when you buy Hainanese chicken rice, tender and slightly slippery.


Finishing off with Taro Waffles ($15.90), this was a clear nod to the orh nee dessert, or taro paste. The waffles were denser than normal, and the earl gray ice cream that was served with it was extremely fragrant and not overly sweet.

Thanks to the ice cream, the entire dish managed to avoid being too cloying. The only thing that was missing was perhaps a crunch element, but I enjoyed that the sweetness of the taro paste was balanced out with the ice cream.

Expected damage: $50 – $70 per pax


Froth: Ascott Raffles Place, 2 Finlayson Green, Singapore 049247 | Tel: +65 63361228 | Website | Facebook | Opening Hours: Restaurant on Level Two (Mon – Sat) 1130am – 10pm, (Sun) 1130am – 5pm, Bar at Level One (Mon – Sat) 3pm – 10pm, Closed on Sunday