Bask In The Cherry Blossom Season With Garrett Japan’s Sakura Popcorn Tin This 15 Feb – 15 Apr

I’m sure we are all familiar with Garrett Popcorn. Well-known for their seasonal designs and flavours in Japan, it’s no surprise they have something up their sleeve this cherry blossom season

Garrett Popcorn Sakura Theme Japan Feb 2020 Online 3

A popular theme among various brands in Japan, many sakura-inspired goodies are being released in light of this blooming season. One of the brands who have already pushed out sakura-themed products is Starbucks Japan, and Garrett Popcorn Japan is taking the chance to hop on the bandwagon from 15 February – 15 April 2020

Garrett Popcorn Sakura Theme Japan Feb 2020 Online 2

The flavour available in these beautiful tins is Garrett Popcorn Japan’s very own “Berry Berry White Chocolate”. If you look at these from afar, they look a little like tiny cherry blossoms—just enough to get you in the mood for springtime! 

Garrett Popcorn Sakura Theme Japan Feb 2020 Online

The Berry Berry White Chocolate flavour is a sweet and slightly tangy strawberry, with hints of white chocolate, and the snack is tinted an amazing pastel pink. This will cost JP¥580 for a small tin, JP¥1,030 for a medium tin and JP¥1,670 for a large tin. 

Garrett Popcorn Sakura Theme Japan Feb 2020 Online 4

While the Garrett Popcorn trademark stripes still run down the sides of the tin, Garrett Japan has tailored it to the sakura theme by making said stripes an adorable baby pink! 

If you’re not a fan of strawberries or white chocolate, don’t worry—you’ll be able to customise the flavour of your popcorn that comes in your limited edition sakura tin. Both the popcorn flavour and tins will be available from 15 February – 15 April 2020, while stocks last. 

If you’re in Japan to see the cherry blossoms, don’t miss out on Garrett Japan’s new seasonal flavour. Get yours at the various Garrett Popcorn branches around Tokyo, Chiba, Nagoya and Osaka this 15 February!

Dates & Times: 15 February – 15 April 2020 while stocks last 

Prices: JP¥580 – JP¥1,670 (Prices vary with size)