Golden Moments Launches Luxurious Durian Truffle Mooncakes With Gold Plate & Tea Set For S$628

It’s mooncake season again, with Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner. And you can expect to shell out a mini fortune if you’re gifting friends and family with boxes of mooncakes.

If you’re feeling rich though, you can consider this truly extravagant box of mooncakes from Golden Moments.

Golden Moments Mooncake Online 4

For an eye-watering price of S$628you can snag this luxurious box of Premium Truffle Durian Snowskin Mooncake.

Golden Moments was not joking when they came up with their name; you can expect tons of gold in your set of mooncakes.

Golden Moments Mooncake Online 2

Each box comes with four Truffle Durian Snowskin Mooncakes. These luxurious and glistening treats are enveloped in four layers of 24K gold leaves.

Golden Moments Mooncake Online 1

If you can even bear to take a bite of the gold-encrusted mooncake, you will find that beneath the skin is where the Mao Shan Wang puree lies.

Lying at the core of the mooncake is another surprise. There is a dark chocolate shell encasing a creamy paste infused with truffle and oil, with a layer of Australian winter black truffle.

Chocolate in our mooncakes though? We’re not sure how well it will pair with the durian and truffle.

Golden Moments Mooncake Online 3

If you’re wondering to yourself how the mooncakes alone justify the S$628 price tag, here’s your answer. The mooncakes are served on a plate that is 999.9 24K pure gold (weighing three grams) with an engraved Golden Moments logo.

You can bet that you’ll never throw this plate out ever, and perhaps keep it as memorabilia on the top shelf.

Golden Moments Mooncake Online 5

And because it just doesn’t seem right to eat your gold plate-arranged mooncakes with “normal silver utensils”, the set even comes with a golden teapot, teacups, forks, knife and a tissue box for the full royal experience. I guess now we all know what we’re actually paying for if we ever buy the mooncake set.

If you’re seriously considering getting your hands on these mooncakes, you’ll be glad to know that if you pre-order a box now, it will only cost a whopping S$568 instead of the usual S$628, which means you save S$60 (yay?).

Are you going to “go big or go home” with this Limited Edition box of Premium Truffle Durian Snowskin Mooncake worth S$628?

Dates & Times: Now available on Golden Moments’ website

Prices: S$568 / S$628 per box