GrabFood Implements Minimum Basket Value Of S$8 For All Orders From 13 March

Grabfood Online 1
Credit – GrabFood

Guilty of ordering that one cup of bubble tea through GrabFood, just to satiate your sweet tooth? Do you often order a meal for one when you are too lazy to head out under the hot sun?

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Credit – GrabFood

Looks like we will have to think twice about doing so from 13 March 2020 (10am) onwards as GrabFood will be introducing a minimum basket value for all their deliveries!

In order to ensure that every order made on the platform is worthwhile for merchants and their delivery partners, minimum spending starting from S$8 will be indicated on the merchant page depending on the time of order and the area in which orders are placed. 

Grabfood Online 2
Credit -GrabFood

If your order doesn’t hit the minimum value indicated, worry not. You will still be able to get your food delivered by paying a small order fee to make up the difference in price. 

In addition to the minimum basket value, customers will also be charged a compulsory S$0.20 platform fee on all orders from 27 March 2020 which will go towards improving the overall GrabFood experience and service quality. 

With the current on-going COVID-19 situation, food delivery services are playing a more significant role in our daily lives. Hitting the minimum value of S$8 might be difficult for those staying alone, so gather some friends or even your neighbours the next time you plan to make your next order!

Dates & Times: Minimum basket value applicable for all GrabFood orders now | Platform fee will be charged for all orders from 27 March 2020

Prices: N.A.