8 Meals From Under S$20 To Share With Those You Love

In the realm of promos and sales, I have to say snagging that ‘super-worth-it’ food deal has to be the best feeling ever. It’s more food at a wallet-friendlier price—what’s not to love?

While I’m excited that we are entering Phase 2 and dining out is an option again, many of us are still working remotely at home for our safety. As such, you’ll see me scrolling through my GrabFood app hunting for exclusive deals when lunchtime rolls around.

Like the trusty Singaporean adage: “good things must share”, sharing your delivery app goodies certainly doubles the fun. Whether it’s with your family members, friends or work colleagues you haven’t seen in awhile, GrabFood+1 Upsized makes it easy to show you care.

With a variety of merchants and deals, here are 8 meals under S$20 to share with those you love!

1. Lerk Thai

A trip to Bangkok might be out of the question for now, but a plate full of Thai favourites might curb the wanderlust. Lerk Thai is where you’ll find a plethora of Thai favourites such as Stir-fried Basil Leaf Minced Chicken and tangy, sweet Phad Thai Chicken.

Grabfood +1 Upsized 4

With GrabFood+1 Upsized, you’ll get to enjoy a Thai Favourites Set for 2 at S$20 (U.P S$27.84). This set is perfect to share with your travel buddy as you guys plan your next getaway to Bangkok. You can’t say sawadee krap fast enough.

Lerk Thai: Available on GrabFood | Outlets | Website

2. A-One Claypot House 

This one is for the people that have always been around—your family. Nothing says a hearty family meal like one from A-One Claypot House

Grabfood +1 Upsized 9

With GrabFood+1 Upsized, you can enjoy A-One Claypot House’s Seafood White Bee Hoon & Shrimps Fried Rice with Scallop at only S$19.90 (U.P. $36.16).

Not to mention, you can also wash it all down with an ice-cold can of Coca-Cola No Sugar. If you’re thinking two dishes are definitely not enough for the entire family, you’re absolutely right! Don’t fret, Grab has an entire list of promos to choose from.

All you have to do is look at GrabFood’s ‘Deals Around You’ section to bag some extra treats for you and fambam.

Not to mention, the GrabFood app also allows concurrent ordering so everyone can have their food at the same time.

A-One Claypot House: Available on GrabFood | Website

3. Ocean Seafood

Grabfood +1 Upsized Online 1
Credit – Ocean Seafood

If the weather has been getting you down lately, some delectable bundle deals from Ocean Seafood are sure to perk you up!

I don’t have to tell you that ordering seafood can cost a pretty penny but with GrabFood+1 Upsized’s bundle deal, seafood doesn’t have to break the bank.

Ocean Seafood has a quintessential selection of Chinese zi char dishes so you can get their Meals for 2 at S$20 (U.P S$28.60). Think glossy, tender Pork Ribs with Fragrant Sauce with Sauteed Vegetable in Oyster Sauce for starters.

Enjoy this bundle deal with your siblings and you can even make a whole event out of it.

Ocean Seafood: Available on GrabFood  | Website

4. Burger King

Fast food has to be the ultimate comfort food and Burger King is an undeniable classic. From the juicy Whoppers to the comforting Swiss Mushroom classic, you can never go wrong with Burger King.

Grabfood +1 Upsized 11

As if fast food cannot get any better, GrabFood+1 Upsized is offering Meals for 2 at S$17.90 (U.P S$29.90)

This bundle deal makes it easy to spread some of that fast food joy and who better to share it with than with your delivery rider—you can keep one for yourself, and pass one to your delivery rider! 

After all, they work tirelessly to ensure your food is delivered in good condition, rain or shine. Our nights in wouldn’t happen without them and a little thanks goes a long way!

Burger King: Available on GrabFood | Website

5. Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

Hong Kong cuisine is its own thing altogether, from the signature springy wonton noodles to the steaming baskets of dim sum to the archetypal Hong Kong desserts. A cuisine that is as vibrant as the city itself. If you’re yearning for a taste of Hong Kong, look no further then Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert.

With their authentic range of sumptuous noodle and rice dishes, it’s a quick fix while you plan your next trip to Hong Kong. Travelling alone is no fun, so get the Meal for 2 at S$16 (U.P S$22.13) for you and your best travel buddy.

Tuck into a plate of Hong Kong Wanton Noodles as your friend polishes off a Superior Soy Sauce Chicken Rice, and get back scouting out the hottest joints to visit in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Desserts: Available on GrabFood | Website

6. Pho Street

When it comes to those you love, it’s not just family members or friends; it can be co-workers that have become like family. If you’re back at the office, why not show your colleagues how much you missed them with some treats from Pho Street?

With GrabFood+1 Upsized, you can buy both you and your beloved colleague a scrumptious serving of Roasted Lemongrass Chicken with Rice with a Chicken Skewer each. Plus, this Meal for 2 only amounts to S$17 (U.P S$28.60) making up for lost time has never been so yummy or affordable.

Pho Street: Available on GrabFood | Website

7. Jollibee

Grabfood +1 Upsized 2

The siren call of fried chicken is simply irresistible. Whether you’ve done your home workout videos or none at all, you deserve a treat. Jollibee is fried chicken at its finest and worth every calorie.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of sinking your teeth into some Jollibee you’re in luck. With GrabFood+1 Upsized, you’ll be able to enjoy a Jollivalue for 2 at S$20 (U.P S$25).

You’ll get two portions of the flavoursome Chickenjoy and comforting Jolly Spaghetti. When it comes to fried chicken, it always tastes better when you share this joy. 

I don’t think anyone will say no when you offer them fried chicken, so share this bundle with anyone and everyone!  

Jollibee: Available on GrabFood | Website

8. Yayoi Japanese Restaurant

Japanese food has become somewhat of a staple food in Singapore, be it sushi, tempura, sashimi—you know we’re the first ones in line. 

Grabfood +1 Upsized 7

So, you can imagine my delight when I saw this 1-for-1 Teriyaki Chicken Don at S$18.09 (U.P S$36.17) from Yayoi Japanese Restaurant. Just like the other amazing deals, this is a must for all Japanese food lovers.

Grabfood +1 Upsized 8

With a thick umami-laden cutlet sitting atop pearly Japanese rice—a godsend. If you have any foodie friends or anyone that is a die-hard fan of Japanese food — you’ll know what to do!

Yayoi Japanese Restaurant: Available on GrabFood | Website

I’ve only scratched the surface of all the deals under GrabFood+1 Upsized, you can easily find more under the Meal Deals portion of GrabFood. Additionally, there even more deals under the Deals Around You portion for that satisfying bang for your buck!

These GrabFood+1 Upsized bundle deals will only be available from now till 30 Jun 2020. There’s never a moment to waste when you want to show some love—seize these deals today!

 *This post was brought to you in partnership with Grab Singapore.