Grand Mandarin: Singapore Restaurant Review

“Exquisite Chinese Dining”

grand mandarin new bridge road restaurant

Located at a convenient spot across Outram Park Station, Grand Mandarin restaurant presents an elaborate and sophisticated Chinese culinary dining experience in a premium and private environment.

grand mandarin interior

With a high ceiling and monochromatic colour scheme, the restaurant takes on a modern and prestigious setting. They provide dining rooms on the second floor for private and corporate events.

Despite being only a few month old, Grand Mandarin has recruited renowned chefs and experienced staff to keep operations smooth. Below are some of their signature dishes from the ala-carte menu.

grand mandarin singapore honey barbequed pork loin

Honey Barbecued Pork Loin ($15 per order). A signature dish of Grand Mandarin – thick succulent char siew meat with a nice layer of roasted skin and honey glaze on top. I would preferred the glaze to be slightly more charred, which would make have made it perfect.

grand mandarin singapore foie gras abalone platter

grand mandarin chinese restaurant abalone

Grand Mandarin Foie Gras and Abalone Combination Platter ($58 per person). A platter filled with premium ingredients and sincere touch. The most memorable item would be the soft shell crab with curry seasoned pork floss which was fragrant with spice and delicious. I enjoyed the whole abalone very much as well, definitely a premium loot from the ocean. The foie gras however, had a livery aftertaste and wasn’t up to expectations.

grand mandarin singapore doubled boiled chicken soup

Double-boiled Chicken Soup With Nassarius and Gastrodia Tuber ($20 per person). What is Chinese cuisine without a bowl of nutritious double-boiled soup? This bowl was not only a rich broth of chicken stock essence, but also has seafood goodness and herbal benefits added,

grand mandarin  singapore  grilled lam ribs

Grilled Lamb Ribs With Egg in Mongolian Style ($48 per person). I am fascinated by the Chef’s plating skills (just look at the half boiled egg). The grilled lamb is well marinated and very flavourful. Served together with sauteed enoki mushrooms and onions. My only issue was that the grilling wasn’t consistent, as my fellow neighbour taster had her lamb ribs slightly undercooked.

grand mandarin  singapore  yuan yang tofu

“Yuan Yang” Tofu with Stir-fried Kai Lan and Scallops ($38 per person). The tofu harmonises well with pumpkin and spinach sauce, and above it is a net of sauteed vegetables and seared Australian scallops. A satisfying dish with different components to enjoy.

grand mandarin  singapore  bean curd mango puree

Chilled Beancurd Pudding with Mango Puree Served with Coconut Ice Cream ($10 per person). Interestingly presented on a bowl of dry ice, I found it to be a little too simple in terms of textures, but I can appreciate the hint of sourness from grapefruit pulps to the otherwise sweet dessert.

Also available on their menu is the famed thousand dollar price tagged Empurau fish, a freshwater fish from Sarawak.

Overall I found the dining experience at Grand Mandarin sufficiently satisfying. Prices here are on the steeper side, but of course comes with impeccable service and fine Chinese cuisine. Grand Mandarin is a place you might consider for a touch of grandeur when there is a need for business entertainment and special gatherings.

Expected Damage: $70 – $100 per pax

Grand Mandarin Restaurant: 325 New Bridge Road, #01/02-00, Singapore 088760 | Tel: 6222 3355 | Website