10 best food spots in Great World for the perfect mid-shopping break

With close to 100 F&B spots, Great World has cemented itself as the go-to mall whenever you’re in the River Valley area. 

What I especially love about this mall is how it’s sleek and spacious, and more often than not, never as crowded as any other malls in the Orchard area. That’s especially true ever since the 3-storey mall underwent renovations in 2020 and changed its name from “Great World City” to “Great World”.

Now, Great World sports a new slew of dining options, ranging from Japanese classics, to quintessential brunch spots, and even famous bakeries and local delights. Keep scrolling to discover our 10 best food spots in Great World that you need to check out!

1. &JOY Dining Hall (#B1-133)

great world - joy dining hall 2

While I was initially intimidated by &JOY Dining Hall as its concept was relatively new, it only took me a single trip there to be won over by its offerings. 

Located at B1 of Great World, &JOY Dining Hall is a Japanese food court with multiple brands under one roof. It’s also more atas than your regular food court, so you won’t find your regular kopi stall here.

Great World - joy dining hall 1

Currently, &JOY Dining Hall has 7 brands to offer— Ramen Kiou, ROMAN.TEI, Pittarino, ichiban express, Kuriya Japanese Market, Gokoku Japanese Bakery and &JOY Bar, so you’ll definitely be able to find something up your alley here.

I loved it that my dining companion and I were able to order from different stalls, depending on what we’re craving. My partner got the Tonkotsu Kiou Ramen (S$14.50) from Ramen Kiou, while I made a beeline for ROMAN.TEI’s Wagyu Yakiniku Jyu (S$19.90).

Note that while you previously had to order and collect your food directly at the individual stores, table service has resumed, so all you have to do is sit back, order your food via your phone, and enjoy. Shiok!

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2. The Blue Ginger (#01-106)

great world - the blue ginger 1

Decked out in bold blue, orange and teal on the first floor of Great World is The Blue Ginger, a cosy Peranakan restaurant. 

Its OG outlet at Tanjong Pagar was one of the first Peranakan restaurants to enter the local scene in 1995, and has consistently earned its spot on the Michelin Bib Gourmand for the past 3 years. Talk about being legendary!

Great World - blue ginger

At The Blue Ginger, it’s all about communal-style dining, where large sharing dishes are passed around the table. 

Start the feast rolling with its classic Ngo Heong (S$16), Gado Gado (S$13) and Kueh Pie Tee (S$9), but be sure to save some stomach room for traditional Nyonya staples like Chap Chye Masak Titek (S$16), Babi Pong Tay (S$18) and Ayam Buah Keluak (S$26.50).

My personal favourites off The Blue Ginger’s menu? Its Sotong Keluak (S$28), which is stir-fried squid in black nut paste and tamarind juice, and of course, its star dish, Nyonya Fish Head Curry (S$36).

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3. Ginza Anzu (#01-113/114)

great world - ginza anzu 1

Whenever I walk by Ginza Anzu, which is located on the first floor of Great World, there’s always a perpetual queue.

It’s no wonder. This authentic tonkatsu restaurant hails from Kyushu, and you know it’s going to be good when you find out that its parent company is a meat wholesaler, so its meat selection for consumption is definitely going to be top-notch.

Great World - ginza anzu 2

When you’re at Ginza Anzu, the one thing you must try is GinJo pork. These are specially curated, top quality pork that’s gone through a unique ageing process, creating fatty and rich tonkatsu that’s said to melt in your mouth.

For the ultimate indulgence, try the GinJo Pork Fatty Loin Katsu Set (S$42), or go for the standard GinJo Pork Loin Katsu Set (S$33). For traditionalists, the classic Pork Loin Katsu Set is also available in Small (S$23) or Medium (S$25).

For those craving something more saucy, Ginza Anzu also has the Ebi Katsu Curry (S$27) and Hot Pot Pork Loin Katsu Set (S$29), the latter of which features breaded pork loin cooked in a savoury broth and dressed in egg swirls.

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4. issho izakaya (#01-123)

Issho Izakaya 4

Izakaya bars in Singapore are aplenty, but modern ones have started popping up in Singapore, offering more than just the usual yakitori and alcoholic drinks. One such restaurant is issho izakaya, which is tucked away in a corner on the first floor of Great World.

This restaurant specialises in Japanese crab, with ingredients air-flown from Japan to ensure highly authentic flavours.

Issho Izakaya 21

I was blown away by issho izakaya’s Crab Nabe (S$55-S$75), a truly indulgent dish featuring a whole premium live crab gently simmered over low heat. Combining the sweetness of the live crab and issho izakaya’s signature stock, the result is a stunningly rich and addictive crab broth that reminded me of classic crab bee hoon.

Not to mention, the crab meat effortlessly slid out of the crab claw in a single piece— a sure sign of how fresh the crab was. I wish I had extra tummy space for another bowl of rice, just so I could’ve paired it with the unmistakably sweet, smooth and briny broth. Super yummy!

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5. The Oyster Bank (#01-111)

great world - the oyster bank 1

With playful slogans such as “Go shuck yourself”, The Oyster Bank has won over our hearts and bellies with affordable oysters. During its Happy Hour, naked oysters go for S$2 each— what a real steal! Though note that you’ll need to order it with an alcoholic drink.

Great World - oyster bank 2

As its name suggests, The Oyster Bank celebrates all things oyster-related. 

They even have an entire page of their menu dedicated to oysters— from Naked Oysters (from S$3.95 per piece) to flavoured ones like Kimchi Cucumber (from S$4.75 per piece) and even Tosazu Kombu (from S$4.75 per piece), The Oyster Bank has it all.

You can also try its baked oysters, such as Mentaiko (from S$4.95 per piece), or oyster shooters in the form of Bloody Mary (S$9.90), or even its fried oysters, such as Premium Kaki Fry (S$13.90)

Here with friends? Give The Oyster Bank’s Oysters and a Pop (S$110) a try. It comprises a dozen oysters served with a bottle of house wine or cuvee

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6. elemen Classic (#01-122)

great world - elemen classic

Elevating vegetarian food is elemen Classic, which can be found on the 1st floor of Great World. This chic restaurant is known for its modern take on meatless food, which isn’t limited to just Chinese cuisine.

Great World - elemen 2

Truly taking meatless food up one notch are its innovative dishes, such as the Seaweed Tempura Tofu with Meatless Unagi Roll (S$15.80) and Truffle Broth Ramen (S$15.80)

There’s even Black Truffle Porcini Pasta (S$19.80), Wild Mushroom and White Truffle Pizza (S$17.80) and Asian Curry with Crispy Roti (S$12.80)!

Interestingly, elemen Classic offers 5-Course (S$28.80++ per person) and 8-Course (S$33.80++ per person) set meals, where diners are able to pick from their choice of salad, soup, main, dessert and beverage. Sounds like a really affordable yet delicious dinner, if you ask me, considering you can pick from options such as Double-Boiled Cordyceps Flower with Peach Gum in Superior Soup (S$10.80)!

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7. Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai (#01-107/108)

great world - okinawan diner nirai kanai great world - okinawan diner nirai kanai 2

Providing the true Okinawan experience in a nondescript corner of Great World is Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai. This cosy restaurant is well-known for its no-fuss, home-style comfy dishes. 

Do keep an open mind when visiting though, as Okinawan cuisine is said to be different from mainland Japan, with more focus on ingredients such as bitter gourd and bean curd!

Great World - okinawan diner 2

It’s a true feast at Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai, so be sure to come hungry. For starters, it’s a must to try its Green Caviar-Seaweed with Ponzu Sauce (S$14), as it’s said that this isn’t readily available in Singapore. Apart from that, go for more unique sides like Peanut Bean Curd (S$6.50) or Bitter Gourd Marinated with Plum Sauce (S$7).

great world - okinawan diner nirai kanai 3

If you’re ordering to share, be sure to get Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai’s signature Stir-fried Bitter Gourd with Pork Okinawan Bean Curd & Okinawan Egg (from S$7) and Deep-Fried Chicken (S$12.80). Alternatively, if you’re dining alone, go for its Okinawan Soup Noodle Set Meal (S$16.50)

To end off your meal, pair it with an ice cold Orion Draft Beer (S$9.60).

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8. Luke’s Lobster (#01-152)

great world - lukes lobster 1

Fancy a buttery lobster roll, but don’t wish to head to Burger & Lobster at Jewel Changi Airport or Raffles Hotel? Check out the first floor of Great World— near one of its exits— for Luke’s Lobster, a family-owned Maine seafood business, which began as a tiny lobster roll shack in New York City.

Great World - lukes lobster 2

Albeit not cheap, each of Luke’s Lobster’s rolls feature a quarter pound chilled, wild caught lobster, crab or shrimp, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Try its signature Lobster Roll (S$29.50), which uses lobsters from Maine, U.S. Alternatively, try its Crab Roll (S$26.50), which features Jonah crabs from Massachusetts, or Shrimp Roll (S$23.50), which uses shrimp from Quebec, Canada.

If you’re spoilt for choice, try Luke’s Trio (S$35.50), which offers half a Lobster Roll, half a Crab Roll and half a Shrimp Roll— the perfect sampler. Not one for rolls? Luke’s Lobster also sells Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich (S$21.50).

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9. PS.Cafe (#01-155)

great world - ps cafe 1

There are plenty of reasons why I love PS.Cafe. Its interior is gorgeously modern and bright, its service is impeccable, and the food that’s served is always top-notch. This is why I always make it a point to dine at PS.Cafe at least once for any important occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

While most head to PS.Cafe’s famous locations at Ann Siang Hill or Harding Road, its relatively new outlet at Great World is also worth a visit.

Great World - ps cafe 2

Head straight for PS.Cafe’s Tiger Beer-Battered Fish & Chips (S$32), which features snapper fillets, tartar and kaffir lime aioli for a crispy and yummy time. Alternatively, a no-fail option is the Spicy King Prawn Aglio Olio (S$30), a stunning pasta dish that comes with king prawns, toasted sesame bread crumbs and fresh herbs.

While most head to PS.Cafe for its club sandwiches, Great World offers the PS.Steak (S$32) instead— a towering sandwich that comes with angus rump steak, cheddar, house sourdough, caramelised onion and raisin relish. You can also check out Great World’s exclusive spice-inspired menu, with items like PS. Crab & Prawn Laksa ($28).

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10. Jugoya Yonehachi (#B1-K117)

great world - jugoya yonehachi 1

Ever since it was established in 1977, Yonehachi has more than 90 Okowa shops across Japan. Okowa means “steamed sticky rice”, and Jugoya Yonehachi serves just that. It uses top-quality rice from northern Japan, and pairs it with delicious protein for an all-rounded meal.

Great World - jugoya yonehachi 2

Pick from 4 types of steamed sticky rice: Salmon Okowa, Seasonal Okowa, Iberico Pork Okowa and Chicken Gomoku Okowa. Then, go ahead and choose your sets or accompanying protein. For example, you can try the Shio Saba Shokado Set (S$15.90), which comes with saba fish, or the Chicken Cutlet Set (S$15.90).

I remember thinking that the steamed sticky rice portions weren’t impressive, but don’t belittle it! It’s more filling than you know, but in the event you’re a big eater, go for combo meals that add on an additional carb, such as its Classic Udon Set (S$12.90), which comes with okowa and udon, or even the Fried Chicken Udon Set (S$14.90).

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