Haengbok Cakeyo: Korean dessert cafe with beautiful stuffed fatcarons and bento cakes

When it comes to Korean desserts, bingsu eateries are aplenty in Singapore. However, it’s rare to come across other kinds of Korean sweet treats on our tiny island. Hence, I was excited to learn about Haengbok Cakeyo, a Korean dessert store in Outram Park.

Located along the bustling Kampong Bahru Road, Haengbok Cakeyo is the first Korean-style dessert cafe in Singapore, and specialises in selling macarons stuffed with thick fillings (also known as fatcarons), Korean bento cakes, Korean madeleines and other beautiful desserts.

haengbok cakeyo - interior

Haengbok Cakeyo’s store is quaint with a pastel pink design, and operates mainly as a takeaway spot. However, there is a small table towards the back of the store, for those who may be looking to enjoy a dine-in experience.

What I tried at Haengbok Cakeyo

haengbok cakeyo - fatfatcarons

We started off with Haengbok Cakeyo’s iconic Fatfatcarons, which were macarons stuffed thick with assorted fillings. Each fatfatcaron came in at S$6 each, or S$20 for a box of four. The four flavours that we tried were Raspberry Pistachio, Ondeh Ondeh, Double Citron and Blueberry.

haengbok cakeyo - fatfatcarons

The macaron shells were crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. I found that the macarons were a little too chewy for my liking, but I enjoyed the thickness of the fillings, which complemented the sweet macaron shells well.

Of the four flavours, the Raspberry Pistachio K-style Fatfatcaron stood out the most to me, as it came stuffed with creamy pistachio filling, raspberry ganache and raspberry jam.

haengbok cakeyo - raspberry pistachio fatfatcaron

The pistachio filling was my favourite element of the Raspberry Pistachio K-style Fatfatcaron, as it was incredibly nutty and natural-tasting with generous crunchy bits of pistachio scattered throughout. The raspberry ganache was smooth and firm, while the raspberry jam added a unique tang to the whole dessert.

haengbok cakeyo - ondeh ondeh fatcaron

The Ondeh Ondeh K-style Fatfatcaron was another interesting creation, as it came stuffed with a whole piece of pandan cake and coconut cream. The cake was on the denser and slightly drier side, but the coconut cream was aromatic and smooth.

haengbok cakeyo - double citron fatfatcaron

The Double Citron K-style Fatfatcaron was the sweetest of the bunch, being filled with a generous dollop of yuzu ganache. It was zesty and refreshing, but I think the sweetness could have been reduced.

haengbok cakeyo - blueberry fatfatcaron

Finally, the Blueberry K-style Fatfatcaron was the simplest, being filled with vanilla cream and studded with fresh blueberries, but despite its simplicity, it was still a satisfying and creamy treat.

haengbok cakeyo - strawberry bento cake

Next, we enjoyed Haengbok Cakeyo’s Strawberry Bento Cake (S$16), a small circular cake topped and layered with cream and chopped strawberries.

haengbok cakeyo - bento cake

The strawberries were very fresh and sweet, and the cream was smooth and generous. The cream had a bit of an oilier texture, but it paired well with the soft and mild-flavoured cake.

haengbok cakeyo - madeleines

Finally, we enjoyed Haengbok Cakeyo’s Korean-style Filled Madeleines (S$16 for four pieces) in three flavours: Caramel Chocolate, Lemon Raspberry and Hojicha Yuzu.

Unlike traditional French-style madeleines, Haengbok Cakeyo’s madeleines were cakier and denser in texture, with the addition of sweet fillings and a glossy glaze coating to further zhng them up.

haengbok cakeyo - madeleines

The Caramel Chocolate madeleine was a delight, as it had a rich cocoa profile and an incredibly fragrant aroma. The caramel fillings complemented the dessert without making it too sweet.

The Lemon Raspberry madeleine was fruity and refreshing too, with the same buttery aroma of the previous madeleine.

Of course, tea lovers will enjoy the Hojicha Yuzu madeleine, as it had a fragrant and strong hojicha flavour, which paired nicely with the citrus-y profile of the yuzu.

Final thoughts

haengbok cakeyo - dishes

Haengbok Cakeyo makes Korean desserts more accessible to those residing in Singapore at reasonable prices. The thing that stood out most to me was the thought and effort that went into each dessert. The owners even drew cute graphics on the boxes that the food was served in!

Haengbok Cakeyo’s desserts are what I’d imagine to be the perfect gift for a lover of Korean-style desserts, with their beautiful decorations and stunningly vibrant colours. I’d love to return in the future to try their other unique fatfatcaron flavours!

Expected damage: S$3 – S$32 per pax

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Price: $ $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Haengbok Cakeyo

41 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 168358

Our Rating 4/5

Haengbok Cakeyo

41 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 168358

Telephone: +65 9388 4068
Operating Hours: 11am - 7pm (Thu to Mon), Closed on Tue & Wed
Telephone: +65 9388 4068

Operating Hours: 11am - 7pm (Thu to Mon), Closed on Tue & Wed
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