[CLOSED] Happy Chef Western Food: Huge portions of Western food under $10 at North Bridge Road foodcourt

If you are hungry and near Crawford Lane, the odds are that you are looking for Michelin-starred bak chor mee specialists, Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle. However, just across the block is 465 Foodcourt on North Bridge Road, home to Happy Chef Western Food.

happychef - stall

This is a great alternative for those who don’t see the appeal of queuing too long for a bowl of noodles.

What I tried at Happy Chef Western Food

happychef - menu on wall

Happy Chef Western Food boasts an extensive menu of 31 items, with most dishes under S$10 (although the Chicken Kiev (S$12) wasn’t available on the day).

happychef - chicken and steak

I decided to try 2 dishes, at least. My first choice was the very basic Chicken Schnitzel (S$7.50) and the second was the Black Pepper Steak (S$10)All choices from the menu come with your choice of 2 sides. 

You can also get those sides separately: Rice (S$1), Mashed Potato (S$2), Coleslaw (S$2), Potato Salad (S$2), Spaghetti (S$2), Sunshine Egg (S$1), French Fries (S$3) and Garden Veg (S$2). I stuck with Coleslaw and French Fries for both dishes.

It wasn’t so easy to find a seat, which was unsurprising since it was about 7.30pm. Fortunately, a table near the stall opened up after I’d waited about 10 minutes. Seat secured, I still had to wait about 10 minutes before my order was brought to my table, steaming hot.

I gaped at the tray.

happychef - chicken dish

The first thing that struck me was the size of the schnitzel. For just S$7.50, you get a sizeable portion that covers just about half the plate. Its deep brown colour promised a satisfying crunch while the sprinkling of black sesame seeds told of flavoursome tales around the corner.

Hidden below that huge chunk of meat were my fries. I think there were as many as you would find in a medium-sized McDonald’s french fries pack. They were accompanied by a serving of coleslaw and there were no surprises in terms of quantity there. There was a small cup of Worcestershire sauce, too. My only complaint was the sad-looking piece of bread on one side. I tried it first and it was very pedestrian. 

happychef - close up of chicken piece

My knife crackled hungrily through the crisp breaded skin of the chicken schnitzel, revealing flawless white meat with a wonderful visual texture. I tried it first without the sauce, and it was lovely. With its reassuring colour and light springiness, it left no doubts about its freshness. That flavour and texture was only enhanced when I added the Worcestershire sauce to the mix. 

happychef - coleslaw

The coleslaw was the perfect choice of side— it’s cool sweetness paired well with the rich savoury warmth of the chicken. I cannot remember the last time I experienced so much joy from something as simple as chicken, that too, at a hawker stall.

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happychef - pepper steak

After checking the chicken, it was time to scour the steak. If possible, the portion size was even larger. Its heft necessitated some good fork and knife lifting skills for me to get my photos right. I must add that it was strange that I wasn’t asked for the doneness when I ordered the steak. 

happychef -close up of steak piece

When my knife slid through the meat, I discovered from the redness inside that it was medium done. The Chicken Schnitzel had set a high standard and I was eager to discover whether the steak would be able to live up to the mark.

It did. I had a great time savouring its full flavour and range of textures. I absolutely love my steaks with black pepper sauce— so this was a joy to have. The sauce had a nice consistency, not too thick, nor too diluted. 

The coleslaw and fries went better with the chicken than they did with the red meat here, though. I think I will opt for the Mashed Potato and the Garden Veg if I order this again. If there was a complaint, it would have to be the bread. Given the look, taste and texture, I really believe Happy Chef Western Food should just skip it altogether. Of course, if they could replace it with something more in line with the quality of the rest of the dish, it would be superb.

Final thoughts

I love discovering great fare in small ulu spots and Happy Chef Western Food certainly satisfies both those criteria. When I first stepped into the coffeeshop, I could hardly have assumed that I would leave so full and so happy with my meal. 

No doubt, the real clincher is the size of the portions they serve. However, the quality and taste of their fare are no pushovers, either. Happy Chef Western Food is easily one of the best hawker Western food options out there.

Expected damage: S$10 – S$12 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Happy Chef Western Food

465 North Bridge Road, Singapore 191465

Our Rating 4/5

Happy Chef Western Food

465 North Bridge Road, Singapore 191465

Telephone: +65 9046 6994
Operating Hours: 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 8pm (Sun to Wed, Fri), 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm (Sat), Closed on Thu
Telephone: +65 9046 6994

Operating Hours: 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 8pm (Sun to Wed, Fri), 11am - 3pm & 5pm - 10pm (Sat), Closed on Thu