Delight Your Palate And Guts With 100% Australian Artisanal Yoghurt Beverages From HAYO

Feeding your body with caffeine, coffee and tea can make it difficult to sleep at night. On the other hand, tasty bubble tea essentially does nothing good to our body other than adding racking up the scale.

So what makes a good mid-day pick me up when you are feeling peckish and need that extra sugar to keep you going? Packed with probiotics that aids in digestion, our sunny island has been swept by a new yoghurt trend. From soft-serve like Llao Llao and Yolé to yoghurt beverages like Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt and Yanmi Yogurt, a new contender has entered the ring and it is none other than HAYO.

Hayo 1

Newly established along Middle Road (just a stone’s throw away from Mellower Coffee), HAYO primes itself as ‘100% Australian Artisanal Yoghurt Beverage’ made with care and loaded with superfood nutrients. 

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With all the established brands around, one might ask, what makes HAYO so special? To begin with, HAYO’s yoghurt is produced from scratch using 100% Australian milk in a three-step process—heat, culture, and ferment. As a result, it yields a thick, rich and tangy house-made yoghurt unparalleled to its store-bought counterparts. 

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As with all the avocado-related beverages, I expected Avo-cardio (S$7.70) to be rich, creamy and filled with a luscious mouthfeel. Sadly, I was a little disappointed by the lack of buttery flavour in this drink. Since avocado itself has no distinct taste and is slightly muted, the tanginess of the yoghurt immediately overwhelmed its flavours, like a kid swallowed by an oversized coat.   

Hayo 3

Although I’m a fan of glutinous rice, HAYO’s Purple Rice Madness (S$6.30) did not hit the spot for me. Similar to Avo-cardio, the purple rice was not placed centre stage but was masked once again by the yoghurt. There were hints of nuttiness but overall, it was too subtle to be noticed which was a pity since I really enjoyed the contrasting texture from the clumps of sticky purple rice. 

Hayo 6

Yuzu in any beverage will never go wrong and the same goes with Yuzu Beautiful (S$6.80). The refreshing aroma of the citrus fruit came through even before I took a sip of the drink. Its tart-sweetness married beautifully with the sourish note of the yoghurt resulting in an invigorating beverage perfectly suited for Singapore’s scorching weather. 

Hayo 4

Of all four beverages, Peachy Paradise (S$6.80) was for sure my favourite. Real or canned peaches you might ask. Well, HAYO uses plump, juicy canned peaches blended into their house-made yoghurt. Despite the peaches being pre-processed, it was not too sugary. In fact, the sweetness cut through the acidity of the cultured milk, showcasing both sweet and sour elements beautifully. 

Hayo 9

As icing on the cake, every cup comes with a leafy green coloured butter cookie tastefully placed on the lid. You definitely can have the cookie alone, but trust me, you would want to dip this baby into your yoghurt beverage and feel them melt in your mouth!

Simple ingredients colour HAYO’s menu items. All that is required is a neat balance between sweetness from the fruits, savouriness from the grains and tanginess from the house-made yoghurt. With that, I’m pretty sure HAYO will be here to stay, delighting not only our palates but also our guts!

Dates & Times: N.A.

Prices: From S$6.30 per drink

Price: $

Our Rating: 3 / 5


112 Middle Road, Midland House, #01-00C, Singapore 188970

Our Rating 3/5


112 Middle Road, Midland House, #01-00C, Singapore 188970

Telephone: +65 6255 2270
Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6255 2270

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
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