Hey Tea Brings Back Kyoho Grape With An Alcoholic Twist On 30 Aug

Tipsy Grape Beer 2

Ever wanted to try beer in your fruit teas? Introducing Hey Tea‘s latest creation, Tipsy Grape Beer (S$8.70)! It is a delectable concoction of Kyoho Grapes, Chang Beer and Aqua Green. The ingredient Aqua Green may sound daunting, but fret not, it is a type of Jasmine Green Tea.

Tipsy Grape Beer 1

For those who have no clue what Kyoho Grapes are, they are a popular variety of grapes developed in Japan in 1918. Distinctively renowned for their dark purple colour, these grapes are exceptionally sweet and have low acidity, which begs one to eat it continuously.

As such, the combination of Kyoho Grapes and Chang beer is a perfect match made in heaven. The sweetness of the grapes is able to cut the maltiness of the beer, creating the optimal balance.

As a fan of both grapes and beer, I fell in love with this beverage at once. Hey Tea does have a non-alcoholic rendition of the drink for those who are underage or not a fan of beer, Very Grape Cheezo (S$9.50)Tipsy Grape Beer still gets my personal recommendation. If you love Chang Beer, this is a perfect afternoon pick-me-up for you.

Do note that this is an alcoholic beverage, so the Hey Tea servers will check to see if you are of legal drinking age! At least, they did, in my case.

To throw in an extra perk, Hey Tea is giving S$0.50 off to customers who bring their own cups to encourage environmental friendliness.

Dates & Times: Available now at all Hey Tea outlets

Price: S$8.70