Itacho Sushi Takeaway: 1st takeout kiosk with customisable creative sushi sets from $0.50 a piece, donburi, sashimi, dessert & drinks

Itacho Sushi has various outlets around our island but even though Bishan is just 1 train stop away from where I live, I wasn’t even aware that their one and only Itacho Sushi Takeaway stall has been hiding right under my nose all this while, located just outside Bishan MRT station exit C .

itacho sushi takeaway - mrt station location

itacho sushi takeaway - stall front

Situated between 7-Eleven and the MRT ticket office, Itacho Sushi Takeaway may go unnoticed, especially if you’re heading towards Junction 8 mall immediately after exiting the train station.

itacho sushi takeaway - display

Don’t be deceived by its small space, it’s a one-stop takeout spot which literally has everything under the sun… yes, I mean it, EVERYTHING!

What they have at Itacho Sushi Takeaway

You may have visited numerous takeout spots in search of your sushi fix, including supermarkets, but there’s one issue. The pre-packed sushi sets may not always include all your favourites in one box— sounds familiar?

itacho sushi takeaway - sushi

Well, at Itacho Sushi Takeaway, you won’t have that problem. With over 40 different varieties of sushi (starting from S$0.50) for you to mix and match… the world is your oyster!

itacho sushi takeaway - stuffed inari

The first thing that caught our eye were the 11 varieties of open-faced stuffed inari that were crowned with a variety of colourful toppings. There’s choices like Tuna Corn Salad w/ Inari Sushi (S$1), Spicy Salmon w/ cheese & Inari Sushi (S$1.50) and Unagi & Egg Cube w/ Inari Sushi (S$2.50).

itacho sushi takeaway - tamago

We also spotted 3 types of skewered tamago drizzled with different sauces like Spicy Sauce, Truffle Olive and Mentaiko.

itacho sushi takeaway - sashimi

If you’re a die-hard sashimi fan (minus the carbs), Itacho Sushi Takeaway has options like 9kind Sashimi Set B (S$29.80) which includes salmon, scallop, squid and more.

itacho sushi takeaway - warm food

If you’re craving for a heartwarming meal, simply turn your body towards the left and focus on the hot food options featuring over 10 choices.

itacho sushi takeaway - best sellers

Some of the popular items in this stall are Sliced Beef Sukiyaki Rice (S$7.80) and Teriyaki Salmon w/ Mentaiko Sauce Jyu (S$10.50).

Itacho Tonkatsu: 10 varieties of tonkatsu sets from $13.80 with complimentary Hokkaido scallop sashimi

itacho sushi takeaway - unique options

We also stumbled upon some interesting Chinese-Japanese fusion delights like Mala Beef Tendon w/ Rice (S$7.80) and Mapo Tofu with Rice (S$6.80).

itacho sushi takeaway - bara chirashi

I was ecstatic when I found my favourite Bara Chirashi (S$8), containing Japanese rice topped with different types of sashimi cubes, tamago, Japanese cucumber and Ebiko. If you’re feeling ahem, atas, there’s also Hokkaido Sea Urchin 45g (S$23.80) and Sea Urchin 100g (S$58), specially flown-in from Japan.

itacho sushi takeaway - dessert

For those who’re obsessed with chewy desserts, there’s the trendy Warabi Mochi Kinako (S$4.50) and Warabi Mochi Matcha (S$4.50) that won’t disappoint. You can also get your hands on an assortment of stuffed mochi treats like Strawberry Daifuku (S$2.80), Tiramisu Mousse Daifuku (S$2.80) and Durian Daifuku (S$2.80).

itacho sushi takeaway - drinks

Looking to liven up your party? Itacho Sushi Takeaway also sells a variety of booze like Sapporo Beer (S$6), Premium Yebisu (S$6.80) and Hana Fu-Ga Yuzu 250ml (S$11.80).

What I tried at Itacho Sushi Takeaway

itacho sushi takeaway - sushi diy platter

My colleague, Rachel and I went on a sushi scavenger hunt, handpicking an assortment of sushi rolls, stuffed inari and tamago, and voila! The staff bundled them up in a box just for us; our own quirky, personalised platter— how rad is that?

itacho sushi takeaway - sushi diy platter choices

The total damage for our platter consisting of 8 sushi and 2 tamago was S$19.20.

itacho sushi takeaway - tamago

We kicked things off with the Tamago w/ Spicy Sauce (S$2.50) and Tamago w/ Mentaiko Sauce (S$2.50). The first one brought tangy vibes with a spicy punch, dancing perfectly with the sweet and fluffy egg. Meanwhile, the Tamago w/ Mentaiko was like a umami bomb with a hint of smokiness.

itacho sushi takeaway - stuffed inari

Next, we tried the Jelly Fish w/Inari Sushi (S$2) which had strips of crunchy seasoned jellyfish that we couldn’t get enough of. It was paired with bits of crunchy Japanese cucumber, dressed with sesame seeds and fine slivers of chilli. It was not only a feast for the eyes, but boy, did it deliver in the flavour department!

The Seasonal Octopus w/Chuka Wakame & Inari Sushi (S$2.50) had toothsome bits of marinated octopus paired with the oceanic essence of seaweed; a perfect combo.

itacho sushi takeaway - scallop sushi

As a scallop lover, the Boiled Scallop w/ Mentaiko Box Sushi (S$1) managed to hit the sweet spot with perfectly juicy scallops, topped with creamy mentaiko and various textures emanating from the cucumber, tamago and crab stick from the sushi roll.

The Kohada w/ Spicy Salmon Roll (S$2) might seem like a fishy daredevil with its skin intact, ready to scare off taste buds. But surprise, surprise! No fishy business here. It’s a match made in sushi heaven with the spicy salmon filling.

itacho sushi takeaway - sashimi

To avoid disappointment, the whole Japanese Jack Mackerel (S$13.80), specially air-flown from Japan, needs to be pre-ordered via the Itacho Sushi Takeaway website (scan QR code or click order now). The flesh was firm and fresh and had a natural sweetness , and one more thing, it’s 20% off compared to their restaurant prices. 

If you’re hosting a gathering or house party, Itacho Sushi Takeaway also has Party Set Platters which are also available for pre-order.

itacho sushi takeaway - salmon sashimi

At just S$3.50, the Salmon Sushi, with 5 pieces, is one of the cheapest around, giving its competition a run for their money.

Final thoughts

itacho sushi takeaway - overview

So remember, if you find yourself in the vicinity of Bishan and hankering for some savoury or sweet Japanese fare, make a beeline for Itacho Sushi Takeaway just outside Bishan MRT station exit C.

Dive into their diverse menu and indulge to your heart’s content— dieting can wait!

Expected damage: S$7 – S$18 per pax

200 Bishan Road, Bishan MRT Station Near Exit C, #01-01 Singapore 579827
Opening hours: 10am – 9.30pm (Daily)

* This post was brought to you in partnership with Itacho Sushi Takeaway.

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Itacho Sushi Takeaway

200 Bishan Road, Bishan MRT Station, #01-01, Singapore 579827


Itacho Sushi Takeaway

200 Bishan Road, Bishan MRT Station, #01-01, Singapore 579827

Telephone: +65 6334 3822
Operating Hours: 10am - 9.30pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 6334 3822

Operating Hours: 10am - 9.30pm (Daily)
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