Heybo: Affordable Grain Bowls Made With Wholesome Ingredients That Unites The Flavours Of Asia In Republic Plaza

Step aside DIY salads, we have a new healthy food trend that is taking over and it’s none other than grain bowls! 

Well, we all know why this meal-in-a-bowl concept is gaining popularity. Truth be told, not only are these grain bowls aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they are also packed with nutrients and make great convenient takeaway meals. 

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Located at the newly-revamped Republic Plaza in Raffles Place is Heybo, the city’s latest grain bowl concept, brought to us by the folks behind SaladStop!.

Dressed in a brightly-styled tropical interior with oversized rattan lampshades, the restaurant exudes a tranquil atmosphere that is warm and comfortable.

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With Heybo’s tagline and culinary philosophy—‘United In Flavour’—boldly written across their wall, I was in anticipation of a hearty and flavorful meal. After all, Heybo’s menu was conceptualised over nine months, with their founding team travelling around Southeast Asia in search of inspiration to create dishes that are unique and tasty.

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Heybo’s menu consists of their eight pre-set combination signature bo‘s that are carefully put together for maximum nutrition and flavour. Customisation is also available, with over 50 ingredient selections, for those who are interested to build their own bowl. 

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With the recommendation from their staff, I started off with Kampong Table (S$9.90). Although the grilled lemongrass chicken was not the most tender that I’ve ever eaten, it was aromatic and left a nice hint of lemongrass fragrance in my mouth.

I never had tempeh before and for a first experience with this fermented soybean product, I would say that it was a pleasant one. The tempeh was crispy and had a slight mushroom-y taste to it. I would highly recommend you to dip it into the sweet potato turmeric dip as the sweetness from the dip pairs perfectly with the tempeh. 

Heybo Grain Bowl Rp 8

The Japanese-inspired grain bowl, Shibuya Nights (S$12.90), is definitely my favourite. I for one have a soft spot for Japanese cuisine, thus I immediately fell in love with the green soba, baked salmon and onsen egg combination.

What stood out in this grain bowl was the beetroot miso sauce. The pinkish beetroot miso was intimidating at first glance and I was reluctant to pour it over my bowl, afraid that the earthiness would overpower the taste of the other ingredients.

To my surprise, the beetroot miso was not earthy at all. In fact, the mild saltiness from the miso worked its magic when mixed into the soba, and brought another dimension of flavour to the dish. 

The avocado edamame dip was delectable, but it somehow lost its place in the grain bowl as there was nothing in particular that I could use the dip for. I can only imagine how good this dip will be with chips as a side snack (yes, Heybo heard my inner thoughts). The dips that come with each grain bowl can also be bought separately with a side of chips for S$2.90.

Heybo Grain Bowl Rp 4

If you are looking for a vegetarian option, Made Possible (S$13.90) and Spice Trade (S$9.90) are the two vegetarian signature bo‘s in the menu for you to choose from. I decided to go for Spice Trade as it was more interesting in terms of taste with its vast use of Indian flavourings and spices.

As expected from Indian dishes, the spices were very distinct and strong, but not to the extent that will put you off. The use of cauliflower rice added a nice touch as it was crunchy and very well-seasoned. The tzatziki sauce balanced the entire dish by mellowing the strong and rich flavours of the dish with the sourness of the yoghurt cutting through. If you are following a keto diet or thinking of cutting down on carbs, Spice Trade is the perfect grain bowl for you!

Heybo Grain Bowl Rp 5

For early risers, who are looking to get their breakfast fix, Heybo’s breakfast offerings will leave you filling satiated and fuelled, ready to face the day ahead. 

Start your day right with a bowl of warm energy-boosting Oatmeal Porridge (S$5.90) that is rich and creamy with hints of cinnamon. What I particularly liked about this dish was the fact that it was naturally sweetened with caramelised apples and bananas. Mix in the dried fruits and granola, and you will get a bowl of nutrient-dense goodness!

Heybo Grain Bowl Rp 7

As the saying goes, when it comes to desserts, we all have separate stomach space for it. This goes without exception when it came to trying out Heybo’s Black Hawaiian Soft Serve (S$3). This vegan coconut-based charcoal soft serve was, to my surprise, lusciously smooth and creamy.

It had a tinge of saltiness, which was an excellent addition to counter the rich coconut flavour that might be overpowering to those who are not used to it. If you are looking to add some texture to the soft serve, options such as coconut flakes, granola or seed mix (S$0.50) are available for you to choose from!

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Heybo has a decent restaurant space for you to enjoy your meal. If you are planning to dine in, your bo‘s will be served to you in a nice ceramic bowl with a portion that is huge enough for sharing. So why not gather some friends and explore the different taste of Asia by ordering a few of their signature bo‘s to share?

Yes, there are a lot of places in Singapore where you can get a decent grain bowl. But if you were to ask me, I will definitely make return trips to Heybo as I really enjoyed the Asian flavours that are incorporated into their dishes. The taste of their signature bo‘s are well-thought-out and every ingredient in each bowl is utilised with intention, to bring about a healthy and delightful dining experience.

Expected Damage: S$10 – S$18 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5


9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza, #01-04/05, Singapore 048619

Our Rating 4/5


9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza, #01-04/05, Singapore 048619

Operating Hours: 7.30am - 9pm (Mon to Fri), Closed on Sat & Sun

Operating Hours: 7.30am - 9pm (Mon to Fri), Closed on Sat & Sun
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