Honest Grill House: 10 Beers For S$30 & DIY Grilled Skewers From S$0.50 Near Clementi

Food in Singapore might be cheap, but I’m always hard-pressed to find an affordable place to grab drinks and snacks with friends. With the alcohol prices in Singapore, drinking seems to just add to the stress when I glimpse the bill at the end of the chill-out sesh!

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If you’re looking for a new hangout spot for affordable food and drinks, Honest Grill House may just be the answer.

Located at Pandan Loop within the industrial coffeeshop Grains & Hops, it’s fairly convenient for Westies like myself. The unpretentious layout might not have the fancy frills of other bars, but good food, tunes and drinks make up for it all.

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It’s the first DIY charcoal grill house in Singapore, which means that you’ll be eating the skewers hot off the grill. We got to pick out the skewers we wanted from the glass shelves, and there was a pretty wide selection. Each skewer is priced individually, so you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending.

With over 40 different skewers priced between $0.50 – $2, there’s no way you’ll get bored of the variety here.

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There were regular skewers such as Taiwan Sausage ($1.50), Shiitake Mushroom ($1), Fresh Shrimp ($1.50), Whole Squid ($15) and more.

But what really made this grill house unique was their various bacon-wrapped skewers: Kim Chi With Bacon ($2), Quail Egg With Bacon ($2), Shrimp With Bacon ($2), and even fruits like Lychee With Bacon ($2) and Apple With Bacon ($2)

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If you’re more into seafood, try out the Shishamo ($1) or Salmon Fish Head ($5). From now till end July 2018, they even have a promotion on fresh oysters. At $1.50 a pop, that’s pretty affordable!

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After picking out the skewers we wanted, we headed over to the condiments station. There was a selection of homemade condiments and dipping sauces. From super spicy sauces to milder variations, there’s something for everyone.

We made payment after choosing the skewers, and after that, it was grilling time!

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At Honest Grill House, customers are provided with a portable grill at their table. With the al fresco dining and DIY grill, it almost felt like a cosy barbecue at a friend’s place.

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The bacon-wrapped skewers were my favourite. Each stick came with two big pieces of bacon-wrapped goodness. I particularly liked the bacon-wrapped fruits, which were a new addition to the menu.

The Lychee With Bacon was especially good; with a juicy lychee centre and tender bacon wrapped around it, this skewer was bursting with juices and flavour.

The Chicken Kidney ($1) and Chicken Heart ($1) are also must-try items if you enjoy the gamey flavour of innards. The Chicken Heart had a faint gamey taste with a springy texture, while the Chicken Kidney was creamy and gamey with a hint of smokiness from the grill.

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Seafood lovers, you need to try the Fresh Shrimp ($1.50). These huge shrimps were juicy and went well with the Garlic Sauce. Brush on some Garlic Sauce before grilling to add a mouth-watering fragrance to the grilled shrimps!

Honest Grill @ Grains And Hops 28

My favourite seafood dish was definitely the Salmon Head ($5) though. This huge piece of fish head was basically the size of the plate! The fatty layer melted easily in my mouth, and the fresh briny flavour lingered on my tongue.

Honest Grill @ Grains And Hops 29

The Whole Squid ($15) was also a good sharing dish. The fresh squid was smooth and chewy, and I liked that I could decide how to season it myself.

Whenever I eat squid, I always go straight for the tentacles. There’s just something about that crunch! If you want the squid to be cooked faster, you can cut it into smaller pieces.

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There’s nothing like a little barbecue with friends and kicking back with ice-cold beers like Carlsberg, Hite and Budweiser. Honest Grill House features a different beer promotion each month. When I was there, the promotion was for Hite beer.

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This July 2018, 10 bottles of Budweiser go for only $30. That’s $3 per bottle! (FOR REAL!)

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Alternatively, if you’re more into Hallyu (Korean Wave), then you’ll want to get on their soju promotion. For $30, you can get four bottles of beer and one bottle of soju. Soju bomb, anyone?

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With an affordable minimum group spending of $20 regardless of group size, this is the spot for future gatherings. And trust me, the ambience will definitely chill you out. Hurry and get your kakis together to enjoy this month’s promotion!

Expected damage: $10 – $30 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 2 / 5

Honest Grill House

198 Pandan Loop, Grains & Hops, Singapore 128386

Our Rating 2/5

Honest Grill House

198 Pandan Loop, Grains & Hops, Singapore 128386

Telephone: +65 8168 5283
Operating Hours: 5pm – 11pm (Mon - Sat)
Telephone: +65 8168 5283

Operating Hours: 5pm – 11pm (Mon - Sat)