Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品): Silky smooth bowls of comforting congee in Jurong West

Ah, porridge — there’s something about digging into a silky smooth, no frills bowl of it to start your day. Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) in Jurong West offers just that, and for as low as S$3.

Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) - Storefront

Together with another 2 porridge stores at Jurong West 505 Market and Food Centre, Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) brings the porridge-stall tally at the modest coffee shop to 3.

The trio of congee stalls leave porridge lovers spoilt for choice, but Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) stands out for its low price point. Their long queue also moved incredibly fast, so the store immediately caught my eye.

What I tried at Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品)

Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) - Stillshot

Going for a classic, I decided to get the Century Egg w/ Pork Porridge (S$3). To make for a more satisfying meal, I opted for an optional add-on Egg (S$0.50).

The size of the bowl and the generous serving of youtiao and fried shallots that topped the bowl took me by surprise. Many stalls tend to skimp on the porridge toppings but Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) did not. Very nice.

The store had other heartier options like the Mixed Pork Porridge (S$3.50), and the price only increased to a maximum of S$4.50 for their more complex Ting Zai Porridge.

Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) - Toppings

The porridge was topped with an abundance of youtiao, which was thinly cut and crispy. It added a nice crunch which contrasted well with the silky smooth texture of the porridge.

I did, however, find the youtiao to have a slight off smell and taste. Perhaps it was because it had been fried with old oil. The youtiao, though having a great texture, could be better taste-wise.

Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) - Pin Porridge

The porridge itself had a delightfully smooth and creamy texture; neither too thick nor thin and held the ingredients together very well. Infused with a healthy amount of shallot oil, sesame oil, white pepper and spring onion, the porridge was extremely flavourful, even when enjoyed without the ingredients. It was exactly what I would want if I was feeling under the weather.

I had chosen to add an egg and found that it thinned out the porridge significantly when I mixed it in. So, if you prefer porridge on the thicker side, it would be wise to either wait for the egg to cook a little more from the residual heat, or skip it altogether.

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Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) - Spoonful

With each spoonful of porridge, the large pieces of lightly seasoned, peppered pork were delightful, and there was also a lot of chunky pieces of pei dan.

Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) - Pork Slices

The lean pork slices were extremely tender and soft, and not smelly at all. They went well with the creamy porridge and fragrant fried shallots.

Personally, I would have loved it if there was some ginger added to the pork, and/or porridge itself to brighten up the dish. But I guess if you prefer your porridge without the spice, this would be perfect for you.

Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) - Century Egg

The big, chunky pieces of pei dan egg yolk were very creamy and savoury and I loved how I could get some pei dan with every bite.

Final Thoughts

Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) - Overall Shot

Nowadays, it is quite rare to get a full meal for as low as S$3 when eating out. The large, generous portion of porridge full of ingredients from Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) is quite the steal. As they are made on the spot and oh so satisfying, I can see why there are such long queues for the stall in the morning. So much so that on Saturday, Uncle closes shop around 2 – 3pm compared to his usual 6 – 8pm where he sells out for the day.

While I may not go out of my way for this bowl of porridge, it certainly hits the spot and I couldn’t really ask for more at its price point. If you’re in the area and are craving something warm and comforting,  Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品) is worth a visit.

Expected damage: S$3 – S$4.50

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Price: $

Our Rating: 3.5 / 5

Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品)

505 Jurong West Street 51, Hong Kah Point, #01-191, Singapore 640504

Our Rating 3.5/5

Hong Ji (Zhou Pin) 洪記 (粥品)

505 Jurong West Street 51, Hong Kah Point, #01-191, Singapore 640504

Telephone: +65 9729 2745
Operating Hours: 7.30am - 8pm (Tue to Fri & Sun), 7.30am - 3pm (Sat), Closed on Mon
Telephone: +65 9729 2745

Operating Hours: 7.30am - 8pm (Tue to Fri & Sun), 7.30am - 3pm (Sat), Closed on Mon