Hook On Steamboat: Cheesy Nacho BBQ Steamboat Buffet Will Have You Hooked On Steamboat

Last Updated: December 23, 2016

Written by Melissa Goh

hook on steamboat

Remember those good ol’ days when you could get steamboat buffet for cheap at Marina South? They may be gone, but Hook On Steamboat will let you relive those day of the past sans kite flying.

Located at Changi Road, Hook On steamboat is seen packed filled with people even on a weekday night not only for its value-for-money vantage point, but also its fresh ingredients and unique steamboat broth or dip options, like porridge broth and BBQ Nacho Cheese dip.

hook on steamboat

The restaurant space is minimally decorated, but it’s the friendly staff and cheery, bright walls that will make you feel welcome when entering the place.

Each table comes with a steamboat-grill or two, depending on the amount of people you go with, a bucket to throw away your bones and shells, and a set of cutlery.

hook on steamboat hook on steamboat

The buffet line is filled with plenty of options ranging from vegetables, to an assortment of mushrooms, fish balls, meat balls, and unique ones like the squid ink ball.

hook on steamboat

After a recent minor revamp, the restaurant now displays its marinated chicken, pork, beef and fish slices on the line as well so that customers can have access to it easily without having to wait for the kitchen to prepare their orders.

Some interesting flavours include Thai satay chicken,  bulgogi chicken, garlic lemongrass chicken, and its very own H.O.S Chicken, along side the usual black pepper and non-marinated ones.

hook on steamboat

Once you’re done with piling up all the ingredients, you can choose from a variety of sauces to go with the cooked foods.

We recommend the peanut sauce and garlic chilli, and be extra careful if you’re trying out its fiery hot chilli sauce that is made with the devil’s chilli.

hook on steamboat

If you’re wondering what’s Hook on Steamboat’s hooking point? The Cheesy Nacho BBQ Hotplate (Deluxe – $19.90+ Tue- Thurs, $22.90+ Fri – Sun, Eve & PH) will get you hooked on its rich and decadent cheese dip.

hook on steamboat

We were rather doubtful when Jason, the restaurant manager told us that he had customers asking for a second or third refill for the nacho cheese fondue — we weren’t too sure if it would be too jelat, but was immediately asking for more when the first bowl was wiped clean. It was that good!

hook on steamboat

Allow the cheese fondue to warm up, then stir in the shredded mozzarella, black pepper and spring onions. Let it thicken into a gravy-like texture before dipping the cooked meat into it.

You may not want to throw the raw ingredients into the cheese nacho fondue as it’ll take a long time to cook, instead grill it first then dunk it into the dip, however much you like.

hook on steamboat hook on steamboat

Top up for the Premium ala carte buffet ($26.70+ Tue- Thurs, $30.70+ Fri – Sun, Eve & PH) and be treated to free flow succulent, juicy hand-picked seafood from Jurong Fishery Port, including crayfish, prawns, scallops and more.

hook on steamboat

You could also get a portion of premium chilled meats and items per diner, like Meltique Beef Striploin, Black Pork Kurobuta, and pacific clam.

hook on steamboat

Once you’re done with your cheesy nacho dip, you could swap it for another broth. We had the tom yam soup just to satiate our taste buds for all things spicy.

hook on steamboat

Its house made drinks are pretty good thirst-quenchers, with the fizzy plum drink being slightly sourish to reset the palate, and the fizzy mango that will add a zest to the meal.

hook on steamboat

Complete the meal with a selection of ice creams, with flavours like taro, chocolate, and raisin. Definitely something for the young and old.

hook on steamboat

Hook On Steamboat is where you can gather up and have a joyful time, bonding over 100 items on its buffet menu. Trust me when I say you wouldn’t get bored of the variety of foods here, because every mouthful was a different ingredient.

I would come back for the Cheesy Nacho Hotpot, it’s perfectly mixed with the right amount of creaminess and savoury taste that will keep you coating all your ingredients in it, and wanting more. Also, it’s not often that you’d get a friendly staff waiting on you these days, and they are very prompt in getting feedbacks given by their customers.

So, hop on down, but make sure you make reservations as it could get quite crowded during dinner. The pricing is very reasonable!

Expected damage: $19.90+ – $30.70+/pax

Hook On Steamboat: 389 Changi Road, Singapore 419838 | Tel: 68440389 / 93893806 | Facebook | Opening Hours: Tue – Sun 5pm – 12am, closed on Monday

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