House Of Seafood: Ready-To-Eat Chilli Crabs From A Vending Machine At The Punggol Settlement


You’re craving for crabs, you’re lazy to cook and you want to dine in the comfort of your own home. What do you do? With House of Seafood’s new chilli crab vending machine, you can feast on crabs to your heart’s content!

The crabs come in three flavours, namely chilli crab, black pepper and salted egg yolk. House of Seafood has launched this new concept in it’s branch at The Punggol Settlement and is planing to roll out this idea to other branches as well. 

The ready-to-eat crabs weigh about 1kg each and cost around S$60 — it will take about five and a half minutes to heat up a piping hot box for your enjoyment!

crab 2

Pay by cash, credit card, or e-wallet services; whichever is the most convenient. Customers will have the choice to have it heated up or have the option of purchasing a box of frozen pre-cooked crabs to stir fry (or microwave) at home. 

Need a dish for your next family dinner? Get a box and you might be pleasantly surprised!

Expected damage: S$60

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House Of Seafood Vending Machine: 3 Punggol Point Road #01-01/02, Punggol 828694 | Tel: 6466 9000 | Website