Take your ears on a tour with The IKEA Audio Catalog

Ikea Audio Catalog 3

In today’s version of Nobody Asked, here are all 286 pages of the IKEA Catalog in a handy podcast, with The IKEA Audio Catalog. Yup, you’ve read that right. If you don’t feel like perusing the IKEA catalogue’s glossy pages, why not let someone read it to you in a chirpy, disembodied voice instead.

Many thought this was an early April Fool’s joke, but it turns out the Scandinavian giant has once again decided to give us something that we never knew we needed. This 3-hour-and-41-minute-long reading is split into 13 chapters of roughly 10 to 20 minutes. Each episode, giving you tips on practical and stylish furniture fun.

In their ‘Prologue’ chapter, IKEA explains that this is for the ultimate multitasker, or for those that are home-bound, and want something new to listen to. Now, isn’t that the most 2021 thing you’ve ever heard?

A favourite of mine is the chapter, ‘Bite-sized & brilliant’, where you follow a young professional as she adorns her home with practical yet space-saving furniture and decks out her kitchen with IKEA jars. Not to mention, her home utilises smart technology and calming colours. In a country where real estate is on everyone’s mind,  this chapter might be pretty useful. Plus, the small comments peppered here and there are fun indeed.

Of course, the IKEA Audio Catalog is another step for inclusivity for IKEA, just like their plant-based meatballs. Many people applauded this move from IKEA to include the blind or the visually impaired in savouring the many wonders of IKEA. Not to mention, another upside to this podcast is finally knowing how to pronounce those Swedish furniture names; say it with confidence and verve now. Yes, that’s looking at you, MACKAPÄR.

This IKEA audio catalogue is truly one for the times, and I must say it is pretty soothing to have someone read the different chapters of the catalogue to me. If you find yourself bored with the podcasts you’re currently listening to, tune in to this fun little number on Spotify and Youtube.