Indomie Cake + Doughnut For Weddings & Every Mee-ry Occasion Only Available In Indonesia

Yes, you read that right. Step aside unicorn cakes, move over ‘rustic floral cakes’, there is a new cake in town. Your favourite mi goreng is available as in cakes form and they are glorious. If you’re in need for unique wedding cake ideas, here’s one for you.

Indomie Cake 1 ONLINE

An online food store based in Jakarta, Indonesia, which goes by the Instagram handle of has taken this beloved packet of noodles and transformed them into splendid four-tier wedding cakes.

Not getting married anytime soon? The store does equally lavish Indomie birthday cakes complete with cheese and shredded chicken. Yup, this cake is all your wildest Indomie dreams come true.

Indomie Cake 8 ONLINE

Of course, a party isn’t complete without snacks. If your love for Indomie holds true, you wouldn’t have any party without these Indomie doughnuts.

Indomie Cake 5 ONLINE

These are rounds of that oh-so-tasty noodles moulded into doughnuts stuffed with cheese and deep fried. Can we just take a second to appreciate the crunch and stringy cheese from these doughnuts?

While these Indomie confections are only available in Jakarta, it won’t be long before the trend catches on in Singapore. Keep your eyes peeled!

If you are still curious about Indomie cake, you can check out the Instagram page.