31 Most Insta-Worthy Desserts in Singapore Worth Drooling Over

Social media, namely Instagram, has proven to be a major drive in the food scene of today.

Taste is secondary, for now. These are some of the best looking desserts you can find in Singapore, although for some, taste might not be as good as it looks.

Here are some of the most amazing Singapore dessert shots on Instagram.

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1. Red Velvet Waffle Stack



Heard of red velvet cakes? Now there’s red velvet waffles at Montana Brew Bar, which has a multitude of amazing different waffles including a Mac and Cheese one.

2. Taro Waffles (Froth Café)



The rustic presentation of waffle pieces stacked on top of each other, served on a wooden board and vibrant purple colour of the taro sauce make the dessert look really inviting. Can’t say the same for its taste though.

3. Charcoal Waffle with Salted Egg Sauce (Fatcat Ice Cream Bar)



Fatcat Ice Cream Bar is a relatively new artisan ice-cream joint in the suburbs, churning out gourmet homemade ice-creams and desserts.

The waffle, dyed black to give it a layer of luxe, successfully differentiates it from every other waffle on the block. Served with your ice-cream of choice, a mustard yellow salted egg sauce is drizzled over top, a contrast to both the aesthetic and flavour of the dessert.

Their plated desserts are stunning as well, looking like something you would expect from a fine dining restaurant.

4. Le Vacherin de la Reine (Antoinette)



The fancy looking dessert with the equally fancy name and price to match ($25) is an offering from the French patisserie Antoinette.

A petal pink rose flavoured meringue forms the base and is filled with light and airy fillings of yuzu cream, vanilla creme chantilly and vanilla ice-cream. Strawberries, raspberries and   lychees are dotted around the plate to cut through the sweetness of the other components.

The dessert then gets its crowning glory in the form of a delicate spun sugar decoration and edible flowers. An elegant looking dessert for when you want to splurge on the cash and calories.

5. Dome (Henri Charpentier)



French-inspired Japanese patisserie Henri Charpentier recreates classic French desserts executed with precision and flare (e.g. setting them on fire right next to you).

The Dome ($29), has a chocolate parfait and biscuit of fraise d’amande (almond & strawberry) encased in a hollow chocolate sphere that melts away in a blue flame when being flambéed at the table.

Be sure to whip out your phone to get an instavideo of the rather dramatic display. But don’t get too close or you’ll burn your eyebrows off.

6. Purple (2am:dessertbar)



2am:dessertbar is known for creating some of the most ingenious desserts that aren’t just a course to end off a meal but are a complete experience by themselves and are edible pieces of art.

Playing with the balance of purple hues, textures and tastes in the flavour spectrum, Purple ($17),

7. Soya (Selfish Gene Patisserie)



Selfish Gene Patisserie is a new dining concept brought to you by the people behind Selfish Gene Cafe that is solely focussed on desserts. Not just your regular cakes and tarts either, the menu features a small range of carefully crafted, deconstructed, plated desserts.

Soya ($14), is a Japanese inspired dessert, with familiar flavours of tofu, matcha and miso. The melt in your mouth matcha ice-cream, chewy mochi and soft tofu cheesecake contrast each other in terms of texture. And are all brought together in a delicate pastel palette that embodies what the dessert is.

8. Cotton Candy Berries Waffle (The Bakery Chef)



Located in the heartlands, The Bakery Chef is a homey little dessert cafe serving up fashionable treats with a whimsical touch.

The Cotton Candy Berries Waffle stood out with its presentation. Waffles stacked on a bed of mixed berries and topped with a scoop of ice-cream. And on the side is a sphere of pink cotton candy stuck on a green base. Looking almost like the trees you would see in a candy forest. A fun display for a playful dessert.

9. Bonheur Patisserie (Character Macarons)



Bonheur Patisserie is a bake shop in Pasarbella specialising in macarons. With an extensive range of classic and fusion macaron flavours, the pastry chefs have introduced character macarons to their menu. From Hello Kitty, Pikachu to Iron Man macarons. These novelty macarons are sure to pique your interest. They do festive macarons too.

These two-bite sweets don’t come cheap though, at about $4.50 a pop. It’s no wonder, seeing how much effort is put into each individual one (cookie monster even comes with his own little cookie!). The quality of the macaron is not compromised as well, with uniform feet on each one, whatever the shape. The intricate designs are hand-drawn with a food safe marker, talk about taking pride in your work.

These beautiful macarons are almost too cute to eat. Almost.

10. My Interpretation of Kaya Toast (Corner House)



A modern take on the ultimate Singaporean breakfast. Rich gula melaka and pandan ice cream sandwiched between crumbly muscovado sugar sable biscuits. Accompanied by melt-away shavings of dehydrated coconut. The refreshing yuzu sorbet cuts through the heavy flavours of palm sugar to balance out the dessert.

11. Donuts with Salted Egg Dip (FIX)



Homemade donuts that look so soft I want to use them as pillows. Served with salted egg yolk dip, kind of like the American version of everyone’s favourite liu sha bao.

12. FOC Mini Chocolate Burger (FOC)



A faux burger made with chocolates and fruits at the Spanish tapas restaurant, FOC.

13. Baileys Tiramisu Mille Crepe (Udders)



With extra baileys to inject into your cake.

14. Acai Bowl (Project Acai)



Acai bowls are finally in Singapore! Think of it as a thick berry smoothie. The trendy super fruit is packed with antioxidants and is a favourite of health nuts everywhere. Topped with fruit and nuts, the bright bowl of goodness is pretty to look at and good for you.

15. Deconstructed Dark Forest Chocolate Cake (Fat Cat Ice cream Bar)



A most atas deconstructed chocolate dessert, the desserts at Fat Cat rotate seasonally though so this might not always be on the menu.

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16. Cupcake Roses (Crumbs Jardin Bakery)



The only thing better than a bouquet of flowers is a bouquet of edible flowers. Frosting flower petals are piped onto the cupcakes one-by-one and the result is a beautifully realistic flower garden right on a cupcake. You can get roses piped on your customised cakes as well.

17. Assorted Cakes (Kki)



Kki Cakes serves an array of Japanese inspired sweets. Each cake has a perfectly rounded edge and come in a range of soft pastel hues.

18. Assorted Cakes (Cupplets)



The intricate cake designs from Cupplets are avant-garde pieces of art, reminiscent of the Romantic era. Decorated in pastel colours and edible flowers, it’s almost too pretty to eat.

19. Mud pie (Seventh Heaven)



An over-the-top ice-cream cake, bleeding psychedelic shades of red, blue and yellow all encased in a layer of chocolate. A slice is about the size of your face, so it might be a good idea to share to avoid a brain freeze.

20. Fruit Popsicles



Fruit popsicles in every colour of the rainbow made with chunks of real fruit. They are what I imagine a summer holiday to be if it were to be embodied in a dessert. Perfect for a sweltering hot day here too.

21. Chocolate Banana Bingsu (Nunsungyi)



Korean Bingsu invasion is coming.

22. Popcorn Softserve Ice Cream (Honey Creme)



The Honey Creme craze.

23. Strawberry “Shortcake” (GastroSmiths)



When you order a strawberry shortcake ($12.50) at GastroSmiths, it’s visually different what what you would expect, yet is comprised of all the components in a traditional strawberry shortcake.

Instead, pieces of soft Japanese cheesecake and vanilla creme chantilly are alternated across the black plate and dotted with bright bits of red for the strawberry part of the dessert. It is then served with a pastel green scoop of pistachio ice-cream in the middle.

The deconstructed dish definitely makes the dessert look more sophisticated than its humble counterpart but the flavours are kept to those of the classic strawberry shortcake.

24. Rainbow Cheesecake (Tian Kee & Co.)



Plan ol’ rainbow cakes are too passe, you have to have something more. Like cheese.

25. Forêt Noire (Antoinette)



Antoinette has too many pretty desserts to list everything.

26. Teh Tarik Panna Cotta (Restaurant Labyrinth)



Thought it was soft boiled eggs didn’t you? It’s actually panna cotta!

27. Padlepop Frenzy (The Holqa Cafe)



A twist on nostalgic padlepop popsicles.

28. Chendol Ice (Mei Hong Yuen)



Local desserts can be pretty too!

29. Magnum Roquefort (The Disgruntled Chef)



Silky blue cheese ice cream encased in a chocolate shell.

30. Assorted Pies (Windowsill Pies)



Beautiful pie slices, amazing as a whole.

31. Baked Alaska (Antoinette)


The Baked Alaska is also known as the Omelette Norvegienne is one of the more unique desserts from Antoinette – in terms of the lavish ingredients and its presentation with flaming Grand Marnier.

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