Strike A Pose At Instagram-Worthy Cielo 957 Cafe’s “Stairway To Heaven” In South Korea

Last Updated: June 4, 2019

Written by Tressella Chang

Anyone who has been to Korea would be familiar with the cafe-hopping scene. It’s no surprise that they’re always coming up with innovative concepts to keep up with the competition. Cafe-goers get to show off Insta-worthy photos on their feed too!

Online Cielo957 Cafe Stairway

Credits (Left, right)

This cafe in Gokseong, Jeollanam-do will definitely make your friends wonder “OMG, where is this?” when they see your photos.

Cielo 957 Cafe’s biggest wow factor is the staircase-like structure built outside their cafe.

Online Cielo 957 Stairway

Credits (Left, right)

The half-staircase pointing towards the sky gives an illusion of it being a direct entry to Heaven. People have reportedly been queueing for approximately an hour just to take pictures there.

Not only does the cafe offer a good Instagramable spot outside, but the interior is just as picturesque, with large glass panels surrounding the cafe.

The natural lighting is sure to do wonders for your cafe pics!

So if you’re ever in Korea, and want to amp up your Instagram game, don’t forget to check out Cielo 957 Cafe with a friend or two and work your angles!

Dates & Times: 12pm – 9pm (Daily)

Prices: Check in-store prices at Cielo 957 Cafe

Cielo 957 Cafe

Jeollanam-do Gokseong-gun Gyeom-myeon Majeon-ri 957-5, South Korea

Cielo 957 Cafe

Jeollanam-do Gokseong-gun Gyeom-myeon Majeon-ri 957-5, South Korea

Operating Hours: 12pm to 9pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 12pm to 9pm (Daily)

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