IRVINS Spices Things Up With Their New Fish Head Curry Fish Skin From 23 March

Irvins Fish Head Curry Fish Skin 1

Brought to fame by their #dangerouslyaddictive Salted Egg Fish Skin, IRVINS ventured into the kitchen with the introduction of IRVINS Messy Bowl. Now, the brand is back to seduce our tastebuds with a brand-new flavour that is aromatic, fiery and truly Singaporean—Fish Head Curry Fish Skin. 

Inspired by claypot fish head curry that used to be served at Irvin’s Seafood zi char where the famous Salted Egg Fish Skin snacks were first created, these Fish Head Curry Fish Skin will be available online and at all IRVINS retail outlets from 23 March 2020 onwards, at S$8.50 per 105g pouch. 

Irvins Fish Head Curry Fish Skin 2

As I opened my bag of fish skin, a piquant aroma immediately wafted into the air sending heads turning to my direction as my colleagues eagle-eyed my new prized possession. IRVINS’ new Fish Head Curry Fish Skin features their renowned deep-fried fish skin, generously coated with a heady blend of spices typically used in a traditional claypot fish head curry. 

Irvins Fish Head Curry Fish Skin 4

Fish head curry was indeed a brilliant flavour to incorporate into the fried fish skin as it was able to showcase the slight fishiness distinct to the curry itself. Without the use of coconut milk, the chips were definitely not as lemak. However, it still retained the savoury and tangy notes akin to the real deal. 

Irvins Fish Head Curry Fish Skin 6

Savouriness, check. Tanginess, check. Spiciness, erm, not quite there. Clearly created to cater to young and old, I was a tad bit disappointed as the spice level was way too mild to really pack a punch. With that being said, although I was not swept off my feet by its flavours, the IRVINS’ chips remained #dangerouslyaddictive with the bag of chips wiped clean—not a single crumb left!

Are you a loyal IRVINS fan? Well, IRVINS Danger Club Members, you are in for a treat. Enjoy exclusive first dibs before the official launch between 20 to 22 March 2020, where you will be able to get your hands on these addictive snacks online or at any IRVINS retail outlet.

Despite the lack of oomph, the new Fish Head Curry Fish Skin still makes a good snack for a break from your regular salted egg fish skin. Besides that, if you are planning to introduce Singapore’s diverse food culture to a foreign friend, these snacks are also a great starting point!

Dates & Times: Available online and at all IRVINS retail outlets from 23 March 2020 onwards

Price: S$8.50