25 Japanese food brands come to NEX at ISETAN Momiji Matsuri fair on 18 October

After a two-year hiatus, the iconic ISETAN Momiji Matsuri fair in collaboration with ISETAN is happening at NEX Atrium Level 1 from 18 to 30 October 2022.

You can savour all kinds of Japanese delicacies, sweet treats, and premium fresh produce from over 25 renowned Japanese brands, and it’s all happening at Serangoon— how cool is that?

isetan momiji fair - fair poster
Credit – ISETAN

You may be wondering what kind of Japanese delights are up for grabs at the upcoming fair, so let me make things easier for you by sharing with you the highlights.

Taste the flavours of the sea with Ijima Shoten’s wide array of seafood items, such as octopus, scallops, and shellfish. Sweet and full of umami, the characteristic seafood from Kumamoto is served in both braised and deep-fried style (S$8.80 for 100g braised, S$7.80 for 100g deep-fried).

isetan momiji fair - japanese hot food
Credit – ISETAN

Nakayama Shokuhin sells Japan’s best-known street food, Takoyaki (S$8 for 6 pieces), filled with diced octopus from Hakata, Kyushu.

Experience a piece of Japanese food culture with classic comfort foods such as Omurice (S$13.80 for one serving) and soft and juicy Beef Skewers (S$13) from Tekiya.

isetan momiji fair - beef skewers
Credit – ISETAN

When you’re done with all the savoury food, it’s time to indulge in their wonderful desserts. There are 3 heritage brands making their debut at this year’s ISETAN Momiji Matsuri fair.

KINOKUNIYA’s signature American-style Apple Pie (S$24.90), a long-time bestseller since 1959, features a generous amount of Japanese apples with a hint of cinnamon, and a pie crust with a crisp texture.

Bring it home and warm it up in the toaster to bring out the robust flavours even more, and enjoy it with your favourite toppings such as vanilla ice cream or whipped cream!

isetan momiji fair - apple pie
Credit – ISETAN

Kurikoma Chaya upholds their traditional-style appeal while connecting with the younger generation. The Fruit Mochi Cake (S$25 for 5 sticks) is a very popular dumpling set that combines the well-balanced sweetness of specialty red bean paste and fresh seasonal fruits with mascarpone cream— very Instagramable!

TOKIO’s Banana Crepe (S$3 per piece) is a delectable bundle of whipped cream and banana, and comes individually packed for your convenience.

isetan momiji fair - japanese desserts
Credit – ISETAN

With so many varieties of savoury and sweet Japanese food items available at the ISETAN Momiji Matsuri fair, be sure to mark it on your calendar. I’ll see you there!

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